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I received an enthusiastic e-mail last week from EPL Talk reader Jake Islas who asked me for advice about how he could create a blog and a vibrant community similar to mine here at EPL Talk. I was tempted to warn him not to venture into the field. The pay is lousy. It requires an incredible amount of hard work. It’s a 7 days-a-week job. And there’s always more work to be done. It never ends.

But I resisted in sending a scary reply to Jake. I love what I do, and to me it’s the perfect marriage of my favorite sport and technology, as well as the incredible community that supports EPL Talk — both in the form of you, the readers, and the writers from around the globe who pen the posts for you to read.

That said, I know we can do better — which is why I want to hear from you how we can improve this site. Any and all criticism is accepted. However, if you can be constructive in your criticism, it’ll be more beneficial.

Let us know what the site is missing that would make you come back more often. What do we that pisses you off and what do we do that you want to see more of. What ideas do you have that you’d like to share, and what have you seen at other sites that you feel would work out really well here.

I’m all ears. Just click the comments link below and share your feedback — either positive, negative or neutral.

In the meantime, while I have your attention, I wanted to share the latest updates from EPL Talk — almost like a “State of the Nation.”

In the coming month, we have lots in store for you including:

  • an iPhone app for the EPL Talk Podcast available from the iTunes App Store,
  • a regular video interview vodcast series (more details to come),
  • EPL Talk will be available on the new Barnes & Noble Nook reader,
  • more great contests including a chance to win FIFA 10,
  • more high-profile interviews with some of the biggest names in the game on the now-daily EPL Talk Podcast, the Premier League interview and analysis show,
  • and more.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. And if you have any questions about EPL Talk, feel free to post them below, too.

13 thoughts on “Tell Us How EPL Talk Can Improve”

  1. Would like to see more game-day coverage, maybe a liveblog during the bulk of the games. After I watch the games, I like to see what other people thought right after. You all do well with the big picture stuff, would like to see a little more micro coverage. I’ll even volunteer to write!

    1. Thanks Bright for the feedback. It’s a great point that you make. Back in the earlier days of EPL Talk, we had a live chat so that readers from around the world could talk about the games in real-time, as well as the scores from the other leagues, etc. However, the challenge with that is that (1) not everyone watches games in real-time, and (2) it pins down a person to having to be available to participate in the live chat or be there for a live blog – and there are plenty of other live blogs/text commentaries out there.

      I’d be interested in hearing what other readers think about this idea, and whether readers would be interested in such a feature being added back to EPL Talk.

      The Gaffer

      1. Chris:

        You know I feel strongly about a game day chat or blog. For those not around back in the early days Chris and JS ran what was the best chat on the net. It was informative, fun, and created more than one friendship that lasts until this day. The early chat’s included a video cam of a tv showing a game. That can’t be done now but it provided a video focus for the chat. If people wanted a`focus maybe one of the free online audio broadcasts of a Prem game would work. I know it’s a huge investment of time but maybe a Match of the Day, EPL Talk style would be a welcomed addition or return.

        I know that there is a lot of local interest in Chicago in EPL Talk and I suspect in other towns. How about local EPL Talk supporters clubs or fan groups. Some local people have contacted me about meeting at a soccer pub for a game and I would like to arrange a date in Chicago. Local groups in conjunction with the sister blogs like MLS Talk would take the online meeting place into the real world.

        The site has a large group of writers doing a great job. Without taking away from the posts they make, would a post game moderated call in and text in show work.? Again I understand the time commitment but something Sunday afternoon US time evening time in the UK may work. The podcast that Kartik does post game Sunday maybe can go live!

        Thanks Chris for making this the #1 site on the net and wanting to make it better.

        1. EPL NFL, thanks for the very generous comments. I appreciate it.

          I’ve still got a lot of warm memories of the EPL Talk Chat, which is what really made the site take off in the beginning. The tricky part is a lot has changed in the past 2-3 years. Most of the readers are watching more games on DVR or online at the same time, so the chat feature gets in the way or isn’t as beneficial as it once was (except for the die-hard fans).

          However, I do appreciate the community aspect of it, and there’s definitely something there that can be developed.

          The hard part is making time. I end up watching most games on delay, so it’s hard for me to host the chats. But if any of the EPL Talk readers or bloggers are interested in hosting them, please let me know.

          As for on-site appearances to watch matches around the country, I’ve definitely been thinking about that for a few years. While EPL Talk continues to grow, I don’t feel we’re at the level quite yet where we can do EPL Talk sponsored games at local pubs around the country. But if/when the 39th game happens, you can bet that we’ll be doing some major promotion around that event and definitely organizing a party with people flying in from around the country, myself included.

          The Sunday night show would be great for a video podcast. The tricky part, again, is nailing the specifics down since Kartik is very busy also.

          The Gaffer

  2. I would like to see a little more during the week about key player injuries and their potential impact on upcoming fixtures. If nothing else, maybe links to stories about key players’ fitness? I apologize if this is something your team covers on the podcast – just haven’t gotten the opportunity to listen to any of those yet.

    Really appreciate and enjoy the work your team is doing. As someone who has just gotten into “the real” Football and EPL this year, I have found the site and postings to be extremely informative as I have gained an appreciation for the Beautiful Game.

    1. Hi Erich, another great suggestion. With this particular request, since there are so many injuries and fitness updates throughout the week, I would suggest that you follow EPL Talk on Twitter at There, I continually update readers throughout the week regarding breaking football stories.

      If you’re interested in finding out injury news in relation to how that relates to your fantasy football team, the best place to visit is Fantasy Football Scout at

      Thanks for the feedback.

      The Gaffer

  3. It’d be cool to see some tactical analysis and discussion of plays and whatnot. Maybe breaking down player movement and runs with little charts or something, just as a way to have a more in depth look at what’s happening on the pitch.

    It could look into why and how a goal was created and scored, looking at the tactics of the offense and/or where the defense failed. It wouldn’t have to be just the spectacular or controversial, small things like players positioning during throw-ins at different sections of the field would be cool too.

    Hopefully it wouldn’t be too negatively-influenced either, with the attention focused on the strategies employed rather than using it as an opportunity to bash a team / manager / player.

    Just think it would be interesting to have a look at the tactics of the game once in a while, since it adds yet another dimension to the match and it’s talking points =)

    1. ThoseRedLights, an excellent suggestion and it’s been something of a dream for me to be able to find and create that type of coverage. The two stumbling blocks for me are (1) TV footage and images are copyrighted material, so I can’t use that, and (2) I’m admittedly not an expert in tactics.

      That said, the ideal solution may be at The Guardian with their interactive chalkboards at

      If any of the fellow bloggers here or readers are interested in creating chalkboards and writing articles in conjunction with them to illustrate tactical points, please contact me at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com

      Thanks RedLights.

      The Gaffer

  4. how about more media on the site? Articles are great, but how about more video? It would be a nice change. Maybe video podcasts that feature a round table of writers discussing weekly events, something like TMZ, maybe video footage of events that writers attend, and how about video reviews of football related things. You can place adds before the videos to generate more money for the site as well.
    Also, how about doing something along the lines of ole, where you have an epltalk blog for each team, so like a liverpool@epltalk blog or arsenal@epltalk blog etc.

    1. I like you’re last idea, and kind of have it stem from the main epl talk site. Similar to how has its main site, then it stems down into countries, and then clubs. I would love to take part in an Arsenal blog!

      1. I appreciate the feedback, but this is an idea I wouldn’t be interested in developing. Reason being is that the EPL Talk Network consists of nine different sites (7 of them are league specific, one is focused on the World Cup and the last one on soccer news for satellite/cable customers).

        Rather than segment the sites into club-specific sites, the model we have is league-specific only. There are plenty of other club-specific blogs out there, but that’s not our specialty.

        The Gaffer

    2. EPL Internet fan, good suggestions regarding video. We have a plan in the works to roll out more video content in the next month, which I think you’ll be impressed with and you’ll find there’s nothing else out there like it.

      If that goes well, we may increase the amount of video content we produce. Stay tuned.

      The Gaffer

  5. honestly, i am not a frequent visitor.

    But i do visit this site once in a week or once in 2 weeks.

    Can you please add some plugins like pagenavi, wp-page-numbers to this so it will be easier for persons like me to access older posts.

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