Barnsley Fan Scores Against Ben Foster and Man United: Video

Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster has been under a lot of criticism recently after making several crucial mistakes in front of goal. And now his reputation sunk to a new low Tuesday night after a couple of Barnsley yobs invaded the pitch at Oakwell and scored a goal past him.

Foster didn’t look too amused, did he? Neither did Barnsley manager (and former Manchester United footballer) Mark Robins.

9 thoughts on “Barnsley Fan Scores Against Ben Foster and Man United: Video”

  1. Once again the London rags are focusing on the “rampaging” Man Utd supporters. 8 people arrested is how they report it implying that all were away supporters. Actually it was 4 Man Utd and 4 Barnsley nutters. What all the rags fail to mention is these two pillocks invading the pitch. I’m not condoning bad behaviour but would like to see the event fairly reported on. Barnsley want an FA investgation of Man Utd away support. What about a FA investagation and huge fine for the lack of crowd control. A small army with dogs guarding the away crowd whilst the home crowd are left to “score goals”…Where’s Craig Bellamy when you need him???

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