MLS Talk Podcast: Tony Meola, Tab Ramos and Youri Djorkaeff


Daniel Feuerstein had the pleasure of interviewing three soccer legends this past Saturday when he sat down with Tony Meola, Tab Ramos and Youri Djorkaeff to discuss the legacy of playing at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

The players share their thoughts about the last game at Giants Stadium as well as their future home, what the latest developments are regarding the acquisition of a new coach for Red Bull New York, as well as whether Tony Meola would like to return the organization. US soccer legend Tab Ramos discusses the possibility of a front-office position as well as what it was like to play at Giants Stadium, his fondest memories of playing at the stadium, and what the stadium meant to Ramos. Djorkaeff discusses the possibility of Thierry Henry joining Major League Soccer, among other topics.

Regular MLS Talk host Kartik Krishnaiyer will return on the next episode after his trip back from India and England.

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