Questions Please For Martin Chivers


Tottenham Hotspur legend Martin Chivers will be a guest on an upcoming episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, the daily Premier League interview and analysis show.

Chivers made 367 appearances for Tottenham Hotspur between 1968 to 1976, scoring 174 goals. He also won 24 caps for England between 1971-73. Before joining Spurs, Chivers made 175 league appearances for Southampton. The accomplished striker also played for several clubs after leaving White Hart Lane.

If you have any questions that you’d like us to ask Chivers, please go ahead and click the comments link below and post your question there. The best questions will be asked on-air to Chivers and your name will be mentioned.

Thanks in advance for your intelligent questions.

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5 thoughts on “Questions Please For Martin Chivers”

  1. In the wake of the anniversary of Bill Nicholson’s death, it would be interesting to see if Martin has any good memories of the great man.

  2. We have heard the English game of his era as being described as a working class game played by working class players. That does not seem a good description of the EPL today but is it still true of the lower divisions and if so does it give the football outside of the EPL a better appeal to the general public.

  3. I grew up on the same street a few houses away from Martin Chivers in Southampton. Our family are proud of Martin’s many achievements. Is it possible for him to contact my brother Leslie through my email address?

  4. Hallo there!
    i just want to ask Chivers if he remembers his first Euro match against Keflavik F.C.
    And how did like the experiance, both country and club.

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