The Football Managers: Poetry In Motion

Come Sunday, expect the television cameras to be zooming in on the faces of Rafa Benitez and Sir Alex Ferguson as they try to detect whether the pressure is getting to either manager. Attention will be paid to body language and how each manager interacts with one another, what the handshake is like and to make sure they exchange pleasantries after the final whistle is blown.

It’s ridiculous really since the focus should be on the pitch, not on the touchline, but we’ll be watching every moment. And loving it.

Speaking of managers on the touchline, I want to share this hilarious video with you featuring two idiot football managers and the gestures they share. Actor Matthew Sheer who plays one of the managers in the video says he got the inspiration for this video from “seeing the ridiculous gestures managers make to their players. Got knows we’ve had a few idiot managers!” (Steer is a Southampton supporter and season ticket holder).

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