EPL Talk Podcast: Liverpool-Lyon Review, Champions League Matchday Three


Richard Farley the host of the Inside the Six podcast and co-host of Russian Football now joins Kartik Krishnaiyer to break down Liverpool’s loss at Anfield to Lyon. We also discuss Arsenal’s draw in Holland, Rangers collapse at Ibrox, and Rubin Kazan’s shock victory at the Nou Camp. Richard Farley is one of the foremost experts on European leagues outside the Premier League, and it is a pleasure to welcome him as an EPL Talk contributor covering the Champions League for the podcast.

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6 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Liverpool-Lyon Review, Champions League Matchday Three”

  1. Decent roundup but please review your pronunciations ! :)

    I think Rubin’s win over Barcelona is being overblown a bit. Barca dominated the match and Rubin were very lucky to escape with the points. A true shocker would have been Rubin outplaying Barca but that was not the case on Tuesday. They gave a good effort on the road and I am not trying to denigrate them, I just wish there would be a more tempered response in the media.

  2. Give Richard Farley and Chris Riordan some credit. They said Kazan could compete in this group and they have done well. The style, possesion stats (which always favor Barca anyhow) and SOG really don’t matter in football. What does matter is that Rubin Kazan took three points at the Nou Camp.

    I had picked Dynimo Kiev to finish second in this group before the tournament beghan, but right now have to say I also under estimated the Russian champs, and that Dynamo is going to have more opposition than I expected.

  3. To say that SOG and possession stats don’t matter is a bit over-the-top.

    We’ve also seen that teams can struggle early in the Group Phase, win their last two matches and still advance. We can consider Group F essentially level with three matches to play. I still like Barca to win the group. At least the results have set up an exciting finish to this group unlike some of the others which are almost settled.

  4. I agree that Barca will win the group, but I firmly believe possession stats and SOG do not matter and only reflect well on teams that play a certain way. You can go through countless internationals and club matches in the last few years and see where the possession stat misrepresents the actual qualify of both sides on the pitch, and shots on goal include desperate goal attempts by teams behind in matches from outside the area that are put at the keeper- ask Spain in the Confed Cup- they had one real good shot on goal vs the USA, but those who like to cite statistics said they had 11 or so shots on goal, most were desperate, outside the area attempts from a desperate team late.

  5. No of course if you look at things in isolation they are meaningless. But in context, and in this particular case, possession and SOG stats are meaningful. Barca setup to play as the usually do and Rubin had very little in response. They scored on a wonderful counter-attack but I didn’t think they did much else to threaten or impose themselves on the game. Barca had a number of good chances on goal and both the skinny defenders and the goalkeeper worked hard to keep Barca at bay.

  6. Liverpool are going to have a hard time. Gerrard is out, and Torres might not play due to a hernia. If Torres gets played to much he might require a hernia operation that could take him out of action for up to two months (I’m guessing worst case scenario).

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