EPL Talk Podcast: Behind-The-Scenes At Fox Soccer Channel

Fox Soccer Channel logoThe latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast features interviews with Warren Barton, Christian Miles and Nick Webster. The trio discuss several topics including how they got their start commentating, how ESPN’s acquisition of the Premier League impacts Fox Soccer Channel, the Champions League coverage by Fox, and more. All interviews were conducted by EPL Talk correspondent Eric Altshule.

Interestingly, Eric had the opportunity to stop by Fox Soccer Channel’s studios this past Saturday to experience what a day working at FSC is like. That’s where he interviewed Christian Miles, Nick Webster and Warren Barton. And Eric will be writing an article about what it was like later this week here on EPL Talk.

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3 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Behind-The-Scenes At Fox Soccer Channel”

  1. Fine job Eric. The podcast really makes you feel for the crew at FSC. One has little understanding of the efforts the on the air staff go through to get their product out to us until you hear their story . I think we all will appreciate a lot more and complain a lot less about what we see on FSC.

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