Questions Please For Dotun Adebayo Of BBC World Football Phone-In


By far, the World Football Phone-In show on BBC Radio 5 is the must-listen-to football podcast. The weekly show exudes everything that is wonderful about football — from the lovely and knowledge callers to the scholarly pundits such as Tim Vickery, Andy Brassell and Sean Wheelock. But the glue that keeps the show together and makes it even more listenable is its host, Dotun Adebayo.

Adebayo will be a guest on an upcoming episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, the now-daily football show. And here’s your chance to post questions here. The best ones will be asked on-air to Dotun and your name will mentioned. Feel free to post your questions about Dotun, the Phone-In show or anything else Dotun-related below.

Thanks in advance for your questions.

4 thoughts on “Questions Please For Dotun Adebayo Of BBC World Football Phone-In”

  1. Love the show. Please ask what’s the best way to keep a question asked on the air from a US listener and is he surprised over the # number of UK listeners who call in and ask questions about MLS. There # seems to be growning.

  2. question for Tim please,west ham have asked for a work permit for Duvan zapata from arentine side estudiantes,what are chances of work permit and how do you rate him. thanks from michael

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