Football Imitates Art


This past weekend saw quite a few talking points in what remains the most exciting, entertaining & most dramatic football league in the world, the English Premier League, or more officially, the Barclays Premier League.

Any given weekend in the EPL reminds me of a series of highly entertaining films based on various genres. Most weekends I find myself drunk on football by Sunday night, but still find myself tuning into the Premier League Review Show to cap it all off. The range of emotions experienced during a full set of EPL fixtures goes unmatched with any other sport. Without further ado, here’s my quick review of this past weekend, & how I feel football imitates art, more specifically, film.

The Comedy Film: the now notorious, much talked about red beach ball incident at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland & like the rest of the Liverpool back line, the ball’s  bad positioning & subsequent defensive woes. (As much as Mike Jones got the call wrong, it would have taken Reina only a second to clear the ball from his penalty box. Why take the chance Pepe?) An unforgettable moment to say the least, but outright laughable for the neutral.

The Hollywood Action/Fight Film: A straight red for Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe – the England International’s sending off was rightfully awarded to the former Portsmouth striker upon his return to Fratton Park. His stamp on Portsmouth’s Aaron Mokoena in a moment of madness had all the action & force of a lethal finishing move in a Bruce Lee martial arts film. Equally insane & action-packed was Timmy Howard’s quasi kung-fu-punch/smack-chop to the back of the head of Wolves Austrian International Maierhofer. A moment of rage & retaliation from Howard who was luck to only receive a yellow. Tempers were heating up all across the country this weekend.

The Brilliant Foreign Film: can be dull at times sure, but in my opinion there’s nothing better than a Kurosawa masterpiece. Slow, brooding, building, but ultimately effective are the films from this Japanese master & quite like the performance put on by champion’s Manchester United at home to Bolton on Saturday. Almost worth a yawn or two on the day, but ultimately the Rooney-less champs got the job done to return to the Premier League summit. Not a lot of flash on display, but if you stick in til the end, 3 points await.

Civil War Film: not quite brother vs. brother in a battle of succession, but USA International teammates Clint Dempsey & twitter-friendly Jozy Altidore met on the field of battle in a not very entertaining match Monday night from Craven Cottage. Dempsey’s Fulham ultimately playing the part of the North to Altidore’s Hull City, the losing South. Altidore himself only saw the better part of 20-25 minutes of action coming off the bench to bemused results. Hopefully this will be the first of many meetings of these two staples of the USMNT in the EPL. I really like Altidore & wish him success in the EPL.

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