Aston Villa 2-1 Chelsea: Observations About The Match

Martin O'NeillAfter the two-week international break, it was refreshing to see the return of the Premier League. Within minutes I could see why I had missed it so much. Vocal crowds singing songs, the fast pace of the football and the entertaining open style of play.

The four takeaways I had from this game were:

  1. Is Aston Villa the reverse of a flat track bully?
  2. Six of Chelsea’s eight goals they’ve conceded this season have been from set-pieces. Against Villa, both goals scored against them were from corners. Ancelotti will undoubtedly need to work on that during this week’s practices.
  3. The players from both teams looked very tired during the last 10 minutes of the game. There were lots of sloppy mistakes, and the teams had a tough time trying to keep possession. Blame it on international duty.
  4. It was a good thing Sir Alex Ferguson wasn’t on the touchline for this match. After referee Steve Bennett was unable to officiate the match because he had the flu, Fourth official Kevin Friend stepped in to take Bennett’s place. However, the officials had to try to find a fourth official to replace Friend. They found one when a local referee was available to step in as fourth official. He was the one who had a massive stomach sticking out of his tight jumper, and was seemingly quite jovial talking to Joe Cole. By reading his lips, it seemed like the fourth official was asking Joe Cole if he was feeling better and completely recovered from his injury.

5 thoughts on “Aston Villa 2-1 Chelsea: Observations About The Match”

  1. Gaffer, your comment and those of the TV commentators about tired players made me wonder. How many matches could a full time starter on a top level club have to play in a year? I suppose I could work it out, but it’s easier to ask an expert. :-)

  2. On a different note, the game looked great in HD. Looks to me that this game was broadcast in True HD. If it wasnt, it sure fooled me. Great game too. I was rooting for Aston Villa as I’m an Arsenal fan.

  3. Says again that Liverpool’s saving grace is the other 3 clubs continuing to drop points this season. Whether it’s not having enough extra change shirts or referees, there have been incidences when The Premier League and its Clubs haven’t been prepared for routine hiccups, this is not a pub league – it’s a billion pound operation. Sometimes I’m surprised they have enough balls.

  4. I thought this was one of the best matches on ESPN thus far. Entertainment wise anyway. One of the big four struggling and losing from a winning position. Hopefully, the ratings will reflect this as well. As for the ref, if he had the flu someone must have known and prepared for it. As it was I think they did the best they could in the circumstance. Any road, a good match all in all.

  5. it was a great game to watch. chelsea and a.villa both attacked. Chelsea played good fast 1 touch football and carved up the aston villa defense only for a last minute tackle or freidel to come in and save the day.

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