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The Damned United Now Playing In More US Movie Theatres

The American release of The Damned United, the story of Brian Clough’s relationship with Peter Taylor and their reign at Derby County and Leeds United, has now expanded to San Diego, Chicago and Cambridge. The film is now playing in nine movie theatres nationwide so if you live near any of these theatres, be sure to support the film and the beautiful game.

  • Hillcrest Cinema Five, San Diego, CA (opens today)
  • Loews Pipers Alley 4, Chicago, IL (opens today)
  • Kendall Square Cinema 9, Cambridge, MA (opens today)
  • The Landmark, Los Angeles, CA
  • Town Center 5, Encino, CA
  • Laemmles Playhouse 7, Pasadena, CA
  • Regency South Coast Village, Costa Mesa, CA
  • Loews Lincoln Square 12, New York, NY
  • UA Union Square 14, New York, NY

If you don’t live near any of the above cities, check the latest updated release schedule for the film.

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11 Responses to The Damned United Now Playing In More US Movie Theatres

  1. Dave G says:

    or if you live in a backwater like Louisville, Kentucky and are NOT on the list you can go here to watch it online for free

  2. Raghu says:

    The great Roger Ebert has reviewed ‘The Damned United’, giving it 3.5/4 stars.

  3. bluefanmd says:

    I somehow watched a BluRay version of ‘The Damned United” the other day at work. The movie was excellent. Michael Sheen did Clough justice! I highly recommend this movie!

  4. Melanie says:

    Since I really live in the sticks didn’t think I would get to see this any time soon, but cheers Dave G. Another great performance by Michael Sheen, great film

  5. Patrick says:

    I’ve had the DVD for awhile. I ordered it via amazon UK and had it sent to my wife’s sister. Great film.

  6. Rob Usry says:

    Best football movie ever. Period.

  7. Best Football manager ever. Period

  8. Melanie says:

    Thanks again Dave, I have never seen this interview in its entirety before either. By the time I can first remember Clough he was long at Forest.

  9. josh says:

    Saw it at Town Center 5 in The Valley on opening day last friday and It was great. Too bad the sound was all messed up. It sounded like we were watching it in a tunnel on the train. BOOM

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