Why I’m Tired Of World Cup Qualifying

It goes without saying that I’m a massive football supporter. But, I am honestly so sick and tired of the long, dragged out qualifying process for the 2010 World Cup. And it’s not even over after today. Then we’ll go into the playoff process.

It’s scary to think that the first game of qualification for the 2010 World Cup kicked off on August 25, 2007 — over two years ago. And the final play-off games won’t conclude until November 18, 2009. Simply, the process is too long and a new system needs to be developed.

Thankfully, the Premier League returns this weekend after a two-week break and we’ll be able to indulge in competitive football matches that have interesting storylines and wonderful football on display. I’m so looking forward to watching the games this weekend after an agonizing past two weeks which have felt like an eternity. Give me Aston Villa against Chelsea, Blackburn versus Burnley, Wigan against Manchester City, Pompey vs Spurs and Sunderland against Liverpool any day of the week over the World Cup qualifiers.

I’m sure part of the reason I’m missing the Premier League is because of the ease and comfort of knowing when the games will be on and being used to my weekend ritual. With the World Cup, there are so many more unknowns such as unusual kick-off times, whether games will be on television and figuring out which channels are showing the matches.

But then there’s the topic of quality of football. The latter stages of the Champions League tournament are often more exciting than previous World Cup finals. And you could argue that the level of play in the Premier League can be, at times, more exciting than World Cup games (whether they be in the qualifying rounds or the actual tournament itself). Sure, nothing beats the passion and excitement of the World Cup. But take that away and judge it on the football alone, and you have an interesting debate on your hands.

It’s not just the Premier League either. Club football in general, to me, is far more exciting than the World Cup qualifying games. We were spoiled by two of the greatest club games in recent memory just before the international break happened (the Manchester City, and Sevilla’s win against Real Madrid). But for me, I much prefer the regularity and the excitement of club football.

Heck, the World Cup tournament itself is longer and features more teams that it should have. Condense it down from four weeks to two, and you’ll have fewer football supporters getting burned out before the tournament is over.

Thank god the Premier League returns this Saturday morning!


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