EPL Talk Podcast: Bill Shankly and Don Revie


Alexander Caulfield and Kartik Krishnaiyer take a trip down memory lane in discussing the historic legacy and the managerial styles of both Bill Shankly (Liverpool) and Don Revie (Leeds United).

A must listen to show for fans of either club!

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One thought on “EPL Talk Podcast: Bill Shankly and Don Revie”

  1. Excellent podcast episode by Alex and Kartik. If you didn’t get a chance to listen, I highly recommend that you do.

    On the topic of football history, are there any specific managers, games, players or stories that you would like the EPL Talk Podcast to analyze? Post your suggestions here.

    My suggestion is: The history of English football teams coming over to the United States for friendlies from the late 1800’s onwards. I don’t expect the hosts to have first-hand experience of these games, obviously. But it may make for an interesting topic of how preseason competitions such as the World Football Challenge are hardly new to these shores.

    The Gaffer

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