The Everton Collection: The Greatest Football Memorabilia On Display

If you need proof that kindness still exists in football, look no further than Dr. David France and Everton Football Club, and the story behind the greatest collection of football memorabilia ever assembled.

Known as The David France Collection, it’s an incredible assortment of more than 18,000 items that Dr. France has collected. But rather than sell his collection or charge to the highest bidder, France decided in 2007 to sell his collection at a heavily discounted price to the Everton Charitable Trust. Following the agreement, Everton FC then announced that they would donate its own collection of memorabilia. And collectively, the memorabilia would be known as The Everton Collection.

The incredible collection features not only items that are remarkable to Everton supporters. But also to collectors of other football clubs too.

Some of the incredibly rare items in the collection include:

The collection is really something you have to see to believe it. Thankfully, much of The Everton Collection has been digitized and is available to search online at

If you live in England, you can see many items from the collection between now and Spring 2010 at the Liverpool Central Library.

And if you’re interested in making a donation of your time or money to help support the collection, be sure to visit the Support the Collection page.


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