MLS Talk Podcast #116: Honduras-US Wrap Up

Simon Evans of Reuters joins host Kartik Krishnaiyer to review Honduras-USA, and take a look around the rest of CONCACAF.

The US records an impressive victory for the ages in San Pedro Sula. Where does the US still need to improve before World Cup 2010. Also, we look at Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica and T&T in this episode.

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One Response to MLS Talk Podcast #116: Honduras-US Wrap Up

  1. eplnfl says:

    Thanks for the effort to get that posted. I know your time zone challenged right now. Simon was good to listen too and had some good points about the US and Mexico. We do Jay D. back on the defensive line for sure!

    As was said by you and Simon the final group stage was something this year. Story lines aplenty from many of the major teams. Coaching changes, player dramas, great crowds, TV story lines, and even a coup thrown in to the mix. Only in Concacaf!

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