Russell Brand Sings West Ham Songs On Jimmy Fallon Show

Popular British comedian and actor Russell Brand recently shared his passion for West Ham United on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show.

Brand sang a couple of West Ham United songs to amuse Fallon, the former Saturday Night Live star who played in the American version of the film, Fever Pitch, which bastardized the Nick Hornby novel and turned it into a baseball film. But don’t get me started on that.

If you get a chance to see Brand perform on television or in person, he’s quite amusing and unpredictable — which is similar to West Ham United’s season thus far.

Source: The Spoiler.

5 thoughts on “Russell Brand Sings West Ham Songs On Jimmy Fallon Show”

  1. You know, I was listening to an interview with Hornby this week on NPR and I wondered if he has ever discussed his opinion on the “Yank” adaptation of Fever Pitch?
    I can’t fault a guy for making a living, but wish it never happened.
    Fever Pitch is one of my favourite movies of all time…
    The final game scene always gives me cold chills and I’ve supported Man United for 35 years ūüėČ great game to watch!

  2. Russell Brand was entertaining and interesting on Jimmy Fallon show–just as he always is. He is Great Britain’s finest export and we love him here in Chicago!

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