EPL Talk Podcast: Revisiting Elland Road, Leeds Support, Liverpool and Man City Issues

A worthy applause for the Yorkshire Whites.
A worthy applause for the Yorkshire Whites.

Kartik Krishnaiyer is joined by Alexander Caulfied to discuss his recent trip to Leeds and Manchester to report on two League Cup matches.

Caulfield, a Merseyside native has much of his family in Yorkshire who support Leeds United. Hear about the supporters of Leeds at Elland Road, their views on Ken Bates, and on former players Alan Smith and Rio Ferdinand.

We also discuss the demographic changes to the Leeds/Bradford area and how it is affecting local football support.

Lastly, is the lack of a Maine Road-like atmosphere killing Eastlands? And George Gillette attempts to malign Rafael Benitez.

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3 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Revisiting Elland Road, Leeds Support, Liverpool and Man City Issues”

  1. Sorry to be rude but the above comment echoes why myself, and probably others, don’t subscribe to the podcasts. Kartik’s voice is too loud and grating, especially in the interview format where often the interviewee is more softly spoken and eloquent. I found the Martin Tyler interview difficult to listen with the contrast of Tyler’s voice to Kartik’s. Jarring.
    The reason for the criticism is because this is something he can improve with work!

    1. Leeboy, Kartik wasn’t the one who interviewed Martin Tyler. That was someone else.

      As far as the EPL Talk Podcast goes, moving forward we’ll have three different hosts since we’ll be doing a daily show. Kartik, myself, and a soon-to-be-announced third host who will be making his debut next week.

      The Gaffer

  2. I had a chance to listen to this episode on my drive-time today, and thoroughly enjoyed the analysis regarding Leeds, their fans reaction to Ken Bates and the discussion of Leeds United’s past — as well as analysis of the crowd “noise” at Eastlands.

    The Gaffer

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