Where to See USA v Honduras – Open Thread


I just got a friendly call from the LA Galaxy front office letting me know that a local bar, the Off-Campus Pub on Avelon Blvd. right near the HDC, will be showing the game in English.  Similarly, a commenter to my previous post has mentioned that the game will also be shown at the Cock and Bull on Lincoln Blvd in Venice CA.

All of these pub owners are paying extortion rates to Copa TV to broadcast the game, and Copa TV is not even decent enough to list them on their web site.  If you know of other pubs across the country that are broadcasting the game, please add them as comments to this post.  Let’s support these small businesses who are laying out some serious green to give us an opportunity to watch the USMNT try to secure their trip to South Africa.

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  1. I will be in the LA area this weekend, so I called the Off-Campus Pub and Cock and Bull to verify if they are showing the game. They both said no, but the Cock and Bull told me they haven’t decided yet and they are waiting to hear from fans. There will be a cover charge if they do show it.

    I also learned that the PPV fee is exorbitant.

    1. I messed up. Looks like I get to watch it in Spanish at a Honduran Bar called Papusa Loca. In my US kit. In downtown Phoenix. I hope I make it out of this one alive…..

  2. Support what? I stopped going to those places eight years ago. The owners of those reataurants/bars take advantage of the fans. They let to many people in, tv reception is terrible, and some of them charge you for big bucks for parking that any other day would be free of charge. That is not all. So many fanatics that do not have any respect for others spend all game swearing, etc., etc. I went to many places back them and was never happy with one. I will take my chances trying to get the game in the computer. Most of the games are there. We just have to be patient and search for them.

  3. It’s what, $16-$20 to see a game on a TV in a bar?

    Maybe when the US hits the Round of 16, but for a qualifier I’ll read a live blog or wait for the paper. It’s a rip-off and the ripper should be discouraged.

  4. @ Bolacuadrada: You are right this places know how to robbed you really good, and that is why El Salvador when with other directions and that is Pay Per View.

  5. @ kevin_amold : That is not a Honduras Restaurant Pupusa is a Salvadorean Authentic Dish is made with pork, cheese and beans stuff inside the Corn Tortilla. That is why is the Restaurant is call Pupusas Locas.

  6. British Bulldog in Denver is showing it for free. The Colorado Rapids picked up the tab. There’s also two places showing it in Spanish.

    1. Correction on Molly’s in Covington….No game tomorrow…just confirmed via phone. They told me rumor of a Mexican bar in Sharonville??? Anyone know the place?

  7. I keep seeing posts saying that it might be streamed on the Internet. Any tips on finding a site? I went to Justintv.com, and the site seems like it’s down and has a “For Sale” sign on it. Other sites to try?!

  8. TK,
    I heard today that they have found a way to block the game from showing in the computer. They have done that before and it is not news to me. However, you can try to find it on justin.tv (no justintv.com as your tried). It may also be on ATDHE.net, arkimesport.com or rojadirecta.org. I have seen some other sites unfortunately, I have not saved them.

  9. Fans-internet sites http://www.rojadirecta.com or mogulus.com,also justin.tv, Bay Area fans there are some places in SF El paisa restaurant 30th and mission,El tapatio club,but get packed and Oakland is the same Playa Azul restaurant,I guess Iam going to Danny Coyles Bar in SF

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