The Damned United: Exclusive Clip From The Film

The Damned United debuts in American movie theaters this Friday, October 9th and, courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics, they’ve suppled the readers of EPL Talk with an exclusive clip from the film which features — without a doubt — the best line from the film.

Click on the above video to watch Brian Clough on his first day as manager of Leeds United. Absolute quality acting from actor Michael Sheen in his portrayal of Cloughie.

If you live in the New York or Los Angeles area, be sure to go see this film this Friday and support the beautiful game. For more details about The Damned United, visit the official movie site.

3 thoughts on “The Damned United: Exclusive Clip From The Film”

  1. I’ve watched the movie three times now… The first half is great, the second half is more emotional, but in general it is a good film; not just a good footie film.

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing it. I read the book and loved it. I realize the film will be completely different. In that way, I’ll get to enjoy The Damned United in two ways — the book and film version, both dark and the other one lighter.

      The Gaffer

  2. Saw it – great film.

    As an American with limited exposure to the history and culture of the game, it offered me a window into the history of the game and the back-office maneuvering at successful (and not so successful) English clubs.

    And as Rob said, it’s a good film – and not just a good footy film.

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