Random Thoughts on the US-Honduras WCQ


The game against Honduras this weekend is massive.  Win, and the US can start buying those non-refundable tickets to South Africa and will probably win CONCACF.  Lose, and the game against Costa Rica the following Wednesday will be a pressure-cooker.  Some random thoughts….

The Honduras game will be played in….Honduras.  Despite the political instability in Honduras, it seems that the game will be played.  Barring a dangerous situation arising, FIFA has mandated that the game take place in San Pedro Sula, and Honduras has been tough as nails at home.  They have four wins in four games at home, and have only given up two goals.  Figueroa, Palacios and Costly have been on fire all WCQ.  This is the toughest test the US will have in this region outside of the trip to Azteca.

Clint Dempsey is out.  Dempsey sprained his shoulder this weekend and will miss the trip to Honduras and will also likely miss the game against Costa Rica.  Even though Dempsey has scored five goals during the qualifying process, I am not sure I will miss him.  He has played poorly since the Confederations Cup and has given the ball away far too easily.  I will be real interested to see if Bradley puts in more of a diamond formation, if Holden or Torres is worked into the lineup in place of Dempsey, and whether they will be driven to take advantage of their opportunity.

The US will have several players who will want to send a message to their club team.  Onyewu finally got to take the pitch for Milan this weekend.  Bradley finally got 90 minutes this past weekend for Monchengladbach.  Altidore has yet to fully impress at Hull.  Jonathon Spector has been a spectator for the last several West Ham games.  All of them want to make the case to their managers that they should be starting 11 regulars.  They all need a good game to help them with their argument.

This game will be super exciting to watch ….on ussoccer.com’s matchtracker.  It is sheer lunacy that a game of this magnitude will not be broadcast in the US.  It is available on a close-circuit basis to a variety of pubs in the US, but I am in Los Angeles, and it is not being shown in English on a single TV in LA.  It is simply a scandal.  That ESPN or FSC was out-bid by something called Copa TV is shameful.  Because Copa TV does not have exchange relationships with the networks, it is not even clear that the highlights will be released to the sports shows.


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  1. “it is not being shown in English on a single TV in LA.  It is simply a scandal.” so watch it in spanish ya pansy crybaby. Obama said u have a responsibility to learn some spanish. this is a 2 language country! stop crying and start learning!

    1. It’s not being shown in Spanish, either. The rights to both English and Spanish broadcasts were sold to CopaTV. Currently CopaTV lists ZERO bars showing it in Los Angeles.

      So maybe get a clue before flaming someone?

  2. I agree that it shouldn’t be much bother to watch the game in Spanish. But don’t claims that this is a two-language country contradict those who see it as multilingual? I guess Hispanics don’t care if we’re bilingual or multilingual as long as Spanish is one of the languages. Me? Well, I’m a fluent Spanish-speaker, married to a Colombian and an admirer of Latin culture. The hypocrisies of it vis-a-vis cultural questions, however, are mind-boggling and perhaps Exhibit A of a generalized defensiveness and smallness.

    Just as Canadians argue “Everyone hates Americans, therefore everyone loves us,” Spanish-language proponents in the US argue “We assume that suburban white Americans don’t speak a foreign language and should speak Spanish, therefore Spanish-speakers shouldn’t have to learn English.”

    The arguments are illogical and self-serving. The second argument is also hypocritical.

  3. “That ESPN or FSC was out-bid by something called Copa TV is shameful. ”

    That is if you believe there was actually a fair and honest chance for them to bid on it.

  4. Just watch it in Spanish and stop your bitching. It’s far more interesting in Spanish than listening to those ESPN Jobbers.

  5. I am going to watch the game with some of my Honduran soccer buddies at the Rincon Catracho. It should make for an interesting evening, but the US will likely lose given Honduran’s dominance at home.

  6. Let me clarify. The game will be shown in Los Angeles on zero TVs in English, and a whopping four TVs in Spanish, none of which are within 30 minutes of me in Saturday evening traffic. My point has nothing to do with the language in which the game will be broadcast (although it might be nice to have place where fans of the US team could go to watch the game). My point is that the US National Soccer team is playing an absolutely critical World Cup Qualifier, and the game is about as accessible as your average sumo wrestling or water polo tournament.

  7. I agree that the fact that this game is only on closed circuit is a scandal. For one thing, this game is late for kids if they’re home in their pajamas, but unavailable if they have to be out at a bar. Spanish would be fine, I just wish it was on regular cable. And yet next spring, some boring crappy freindly against Bahrain or somebody will be on ABC.

  8. Anybody else besides me notice that Jonny Palacios has been called in to replace Víctor “Muma” Bernárdez of Anderlecht for the Bicolor? He’s hurt. So that means that we’re not the only one’s who will be lacking some of our European firepower. And it also means that Honduras could be starting all three of the Palacios brothers. That’s got to be some kind of record.

  9. I personally would be happy to watch the game in Spanish. Unfortunately, in Cleveland, Ohio, the nearest English language TV is Columbus (3 hours) and the nearest Spanish broadcast is Cincinnatti (6 hours). What a joke. This will be the first USA game I don’t see–live or DVR–this cycle.

  10. If you are going to see the game in a close-circuit in a Bar/Restaurant do not worried if you can’t speak spanish, all you need to know is Football Soccer, It doesn’t matter what type of language the game will be on just look at what is happening in the screen. Anyway is announcer is a latino/hispanic spanish speaking don’t worried all you need to know where the ball is and who has the ball. Plus just in case you want to know who got carded, who was outside, all those thing are said in english, for Example Outside, Penalty, Fuera(out), Cornel (Corner), Mano (Handball) Pasar (Passing) So just incase you don’t understand other thing well ask the guy know is next to you, Latino we are not dump we try to be Bi-langual or multi-langual.

  11. FIFA and USSF are going to have to step in, make a new rule and prevent this from happening again. Both countries should share the rights, and not be able to prevent each other from exploiting the rights as they see fit. Both teams should have equal broadcast rights to their own games, regardless of the game’s location.

    By the way, this isn’t some little broadcaster trying to make a buck, either; they’d make a HELL of a lot more money selling the rights to ESPN. This is Honduras just thumbing their nose at the US, to spite us. Honduras deliberately sold the rights to this little podunk company, knowing they’d make it into a pay-per-view event, and keep it off US broadcast channels.

    If I were Sepp Blatter, I’d mark the game down as a forfeit by Honduras and give the US three points. It’s a clear act of hostility and contempt, and FIFA shouldn’t let it stand.

  12. Everyone should send a comment to FIFA at their website as to how they feel about this sham of leadership on thier part.

    I haven’t seen a comment from anyone at FIFA regarding the England Ukraine match or US Honduras.

    Let ’em know.

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