La Liga TV Ratings On ESPN From Aug. 31 to Sept. 22, 2009

espn-logoSo much of the focus for the opening of the 2009/2010 season of football has been on the Premier League that it’s about time we pay respect and focus on how ESPN’s TV ratings are doing for its coverage of La Liga.

Here are the Nielsen Ratings thus far for La Liga games shown between August 31 and September 22, 2009:

  1. Barcelona v Sporting Gijon, ESPN, Monday, Aug. 31, 4pm ET, 326,596 viewers
  2. Real Madrid v Xerez, ESPN2, Sunday, Sept. 20, 1pm, 228,143
  3. Racing de Santander v Barcelona, ESPN2, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 4pm, 121,407
  4. Valencia v Sporting Gijon, ESPN2, Sunday, Sept. 20, 3pm, 108,204

In comparison to ESPN’s TV ratings for the Premier League, six of the eight Premiership games ESPN2 has shown have garnered higher ratings than all of the above four games — except for Barcelona versus Sporting Gijon.

What’s your opinion about the ratings so far? Are ESPN doing a decent job at promoting La Liga games, and how do you feel the ratings compare to the Premier League TV ratings? Click the comments link below and share your feedback.

9 thoughts on “La Liga TV Ratings On ESPN From Aug. 31 to Sept. 22, 2009”

  1. They are promoting the games, but as one commercial. These are two different leagues and should be promoted as such. Additionally, there are only a few blurbs each week. I am somewhat surprised because of the large hispanic population in America. However, the Real Madrid match was in direct competition with American Football. So not that bad really. On a related note, I noticed that AXE is the first big sponsor, so that can’t be bad. The numbers will increase if ESPN will put their considerable muscle behind this project.

    1. “Hispanic” means from Latin America, i.e. Mexico, Central America, and (to a lesser extent, from a U.S. perspective) South America. There is an enormous hispanic population in the U.S.; one devoted to their own futbol leagues (You can catch PLENTY of Mexican league soccer in the U.S., if you’re interested). In this hemisphere, Spain is a far-away place across the ocean.

      That said, they could be doing much more to promote La Liga. Am I mistaken, or did ESPN2 boot their Spanish League coverage for hunting shows this past weekend?

  2. The promotion is lack luster at best. It just shows you the fan will find it if its there, and if you can stimulate some additional demand great.

  3. what about the ratings on ESPN deportes? Those games were broadcasted simultaneously by both channels; therefore, many Spanish speakers might have chosen the Spanish version.

  4. ESPN is not doing a good job promoting La liga on ESPN2. Also, can ESPN2 use the same format that they are using on the EPL. The banner on top, and the news flash at the button are ruining the beautiful image in HD.

    And, no La Liga will always have a terrible time getting good ratings in this country. Remember all sports are regional, and this country has very little knowledge of la liga.

  5. i watch a LOT of espn and i haven’t seen a promo commercial since september. i don’t think espn is doing enough or even much to promote la liga. i think la liga has a shot at great ratings in the states, but it need to be made more accessible to fans here. it will obvs have a longer, harder road than epl b/c premier league has been broadcast intlly for yrs.

    also- that’s a good point about espn deportes coverage. el clasico was on espn deportes- there should have at LEAST been a commercial about that on espn or espn2. i had to root around the internet for 20 mins to find any information. promo FAIL, espn.

  6. The lack of information from ESPN about the games from La Liga are very
    poor,nobody knows if the games will be on or not,look for Saturday
    game Barcelona X Deportivo La Coruna,please let me know which station
    will be on, GOL TV will not show this need new direction in the U.S. the TV station,refuse to accept the reality,more and more people
    are interest in SOCCER principal from LA lIGA,THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD are playing in SPAIN.

  7. The lack of promotion’s one thing. Another is the fact ESPN will cancel scheduled broadcasts of La Liga for no apparent pressing reason. I’ll look forward to a match listed in my TiVo schedule, only to have Sunday roll around and find the broadcast’s been canceled. Case in point: Had been looking forward to watching a game this Sunday (Jan. 3). Apparently it’s been tossed aside for … (drum roll please) … the 2009 U.S. Open!

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