EPL Talk Podcast: Nick Szczepanik Interview


Episode 141 of the EPL Talk Podcast features an interview with Nick Szczepanik, writer for The Times newspaper and a regular co-host on TheGame Podcast. Szczepanik offers an intriguing insight to English football by having lived in the United States and being a follower of American sports. Szczepanik discusses several topics including:

  • whether there’s an American revolution happening at Premier League clubs,
  • what it’s like working with Patrick Barclay,
  • the trials and tribulations of Portsmouth,
  • what it’s like being a supporter of Brighton And Hove Albion,
  • how the crew of TheGame Podcast puts together an episode,
  • what Americans do well in terms of sports media,
  • how Szczepanik became a football journalist and his memories of his first football game,
  • what the experience is like watching American sports while living in England,
  • what makes Fratton Park so unique,
  • and much more.

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2 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Nick Szczepanik Interview”

    1. Yep, Kartik is scheduled to release the next episode Wednesday morning featuring an interview with David Rutter from EA in regards to FIFA 10. And he’ll be back on a regular schedule moving forward. He’s on his way to India.

      With the podcast moving to a daily distribution, I’ll be doing a podcast interview now and again. Plus we have a special surprise host who will be debuting next week, too.

      The Gaffer

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