EPL Talk Podcast: David Rutter, EA Sports FIFA 10


David Rutter, one the chief producers of EA Sports FIFA 10 video game joins us on the EPL Talk Podcast.

Among the topics discussed are:

– New features of the 2010 game
– Which new leagues are on the game
– New features of the manager mode
– Balancing realism versus gameplay.
– Why FIFA cannot put every stadium on the game
– How to change the default stadium for the club you play with
– More realistic simulation of games in manager mode
– New on the fly moves in the game

Much much more!

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3 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: David Rutter, EA Sports FIFA 10”

  1. Gaz = Phonetically it is “Guh ahhh z” not “Guh ohhhh z”.

    Like the Gaz in “Gazza” or a shortened form of Gary.

    Where are you from and why is your pronunciation so strange? “Meeelawn” comes to mind too. :)

  2. i have been playing fifa for the last 10 years, and everytime you play on line when and i am winning the game the other person quits so it goes down that you dont win, and i think that its about time it needs sorting when you pay over £40 on a game to have people cheat it needs to be stoped.

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