1990-91 English First Division Season Review: Video

Ever wonder what the old English First Division was like before it became the Premier League? Thanks to YouTube and a tip from reader Chris, we’ve uncovered the one-hour review show of the 1990-91 First Division season when Leeds United won the title.

The video review (broken into six 10 minute segments) is incredible to watch for many reasons. One, it gives you a taste of what the “English Soccer” program was like which aired on local affiliate TV stations in the United States (and presumably around the world). Two, it gives you a birds-eye view of what English football was like in the early 90s. And three, you get a good glimpse at TV production values as well as hearing from a young Martin Tyler and also a young Richard Keys, the Sky Sports presenter who was then hosting the show.

There are plenty of other jewels in this video series including highlights of Ryan Giggs’s first season playing for Manchester United, interviews with a young Mark Hughes who seemed a little unsure of himself, the scoring prowess of Lee Chapman on display and much much more.

Sit back and enjoy watching the videos, and please share your observations in the comments below so we can discuss what you saw and what surprised (as well as charmed) you.

UPDATE: Sadly, the videos have been removed from YouTube, but you can still enjoy the video highlights of the 1991-92 Premier League season.

7 thoughts on “1990-91 English First Division Season Review: Video”

  1. Does bring back some memories. I remember the beginning theme song being different in highlight show that was shown in the States. The 91/92 season was a good one indeed, although it starkly showed the decline of my beloved Liverpool.

    Grobbelaar making complete hash of a routine back pass or cross and blaming his defence as always

    Alex Ferguson probably would have lost his job if Manchester had not won that League Cup, and only god knows how that would have changed football in England.

    Virtually all British management and players.

    A young Giggs, Gary Speed, Dwight Yorke.

    If Leeds had kept Cantona.

    Legendary Football Grounds conforming to meet the requirements of the Taylor Report as English teams gingerly stepped back into Europe.

    Based on those garish Man U/Arsenal away shirts, Adidas designers were probably taking full advantage of the ecstasy craze.

    And I, hoping to get it all, over a week later, providing my scheduled VCR taping at 2 in the morning wouldn’t be pre-empted by a cheerleading competition.

  2. funny…this is the season i last saw a EPL or division one match….loooooong time no game…that’ll change oct 31st and hopefully nov 8th….

  3. The show was produced by CSI Limited, the same company that produced international video for EPL when EPL was founded, and the same company that currently produces international video for the English FA Cup, the Community Shield, and the English national teams.

    The opening animation, with the stadium being surrounded by a football, was exactly the same as the opening animation used by CSI for EPL products when EPL was founded.

  4. Interesting to see the how success in Europe was measured in 1991. QFs of the UEFA Cup and Cup Winners Cup was worth a mention. I understand the reasons why things were so different (banned from Europe etcetera) but it’s still incredible to compare English clubs in Europe then and now.

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