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EPL Talk Podcast: Matchday Seven Discussion And Review

epl talk medium logo EPL Talk Podcast: Matchday Seven Discussion And ReviewIn the latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna go through all the action in the Barclays Premier League from the past week.  Learn which EPL posts generated the most attention and controversy in the last week, as well as:

  • Brilliant Liverpool
  • Did Pepe Reina’s comments spur on Liverpool?
  • Jermaine Pennant sounds off about Benitez
  • Brilliant Ryan Giggs
  • Maynor Figueroa leads Wigan past Chelsea
  • Manchester City’s new Galacticos
  • Is Martin Petrov more useful than Robinho
  • Gary Megson keep Bolton going
  • Unlucky Pompey
  • Darren Bent for England

And much much more!

Be sure not to miss a single episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, the only Premier League interview show on the Internet. We have a long list of high-profile guests scheduled over the next weeks each with their own fascinating stories to tell. Subscribe to the EPL Talk Podcast via iTunes or visit EPL Talk or the archives for the latest episodes.

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11 Responses to EPL Talk Podcast: Matchday Seven Discussion And Review

  1. randomsausage says:

    I stopped listening after you inferred that The Lord Imperial Ferg only stuck with The Fletch because he is Scottish. What a crap “analysis”.

    You’re the donkeys……not Fletch.

    • The Gaffer says:

      I agree with your point about Darren Fletcher, randomsausage. He’s a class player and deserves more praise. The way he opened up the Stoke defense on Saturday was beautiful.

      I never used to be a big Fletcher fan and could never understand why Fergie played him alongside Beckham (and later Ronaldo), but I have seen the light as you have.

      The Gaffer

      • randomsausage says:

        well someone’s got to have a word with the dude on this Podcast. He makes no sense, first quazi-back-tracking on his Fletch description and then saying Pennant had a point, before saying no actually he didn’t. Talk about hedging your bets.

        Anyways, the Fletcher point showed a lack of tactical understanding of the modern game. I’m sorry if Fletch is not your flashy box-to-box midfielder of yore but each of The Big Four rely on a holding player to anchor: see how crap Liverpool were in the first half tonight vs Fiorentina without Marsherano (but with that rube Lucas trying to fill in for him). Who was the most important player in Real’s early Gallactico days….and the whole edifice came crashing down when he left….yup, Claude Makelele.

        • The Gaffer says:

          Liverpool were awful in the first half against Fiorentina, but what about Fiorentina’s brilliant defense in the second half? Those bloody Italians know how to defend, eh?

          At least commentator Tim White wasn’t as annoying as he was during the last round of Champions League matches.

          The Gaffer

  2. dude that makes no sense says:

    Hi, I haven’t made myself completely clear. Fletcher has a role, I think there is someone who could do it better and if United bought someone with more quality then Fletcher would lose his place. Pennant: didn’t make his point well because he seemed bitter, but Rafa does sometimes expect a player to play in a role that they are not comfortable in or that they don’t have enough experience in, so I can see his sentiment.


    • Miak says:

      yeah, but what about the ridiculous suggestion that SAFplays Fletch because he’s Scottish?
      thats bullocks dont you see?

      • Laurence says:

        Miak, you would be right in saying that SAF sticks with Fletch just for that! And I’m not suggesting that he is in the team solely because he is Scottish, equally I think that he is in the side because he understands SAF’s mentality and that is the key to why he is successful in the United team. Do you agree? In a similar fashion to Rafa having Spanish and Arsene going French could you see how Fergie might do similar? It’s nice to still see a national relationship like that in football. But again, I’m not saying that is why he is in the side. I did acknowledge why he is there.

        It’s a case of it being much more black and white than the football he plays and his nationality.

        I’d be interested to hear what you have to say in the new EPL reader podcast. Would you be interested in appearing?

    • randomsausage says:

      I guess I don’t get the “more quality” bit. Whenever The Fletch has played against a top 4 side — and in Europe — ManU generally lord the midfield and he wins Man ‘o the match. See last year’s drubbing of Chelsea (and their much-vaunted midfield) for details. He completely eclipsed the blessed Cesc in the Champions league @ Emirates. I guess because he’s lanky, pale and Scottish he doesn’t fit your midfield supremo stereotype. I bet you think Ballack is the best in that role — though if he wasn’t named Michael and Ballack and wasn’t captain of Germany, he’d be sent off every week.

      Pennant has a right to be bitter: Rafa’s an impostor of Sven-Goran proportions, who has been dining out on a fluky second-half performance in Istabul for years — a man of tactical ineptitude who would be found out more often if it wasn’t for the astonishing Torres….and the less-astonishing-but-still-pretty-good Gerrard.

      • Laurence says:

        Okay Random, you have made more good points about Fletcher. And have changed my opinion of him in some ways. I agree that he actually does show quality in areas, quite a few actually. I think where Fletcher might be strongest is that he compliments the other players in the team so well. Maybe this shows quality. I’ve never been a massive Ballack fan, couldn’t stand the guy for a while actually. I think that there are a few players who do that role well, and the bully that is Ballack is probably suited to it.

        I’m actually sorry I overlooked Fletcher so terribly. I think it’s important to admit if you have had an error of judgement and in this case, my analysis was off the mark. Do you remember him of a few years ago though? I remember a pub full of frustrated United mates.

        I find it hard to take your Benitez point in so many ways. It seems like your analysis of Rafa is as bad as mine of Fletcher. I do appreciate the debate though, this is clearly what is good about EPL talk. In future though, I’ll express my opinions and be a much clearer in my analysis.

  3. Thomas says:

    I agree completely with everything you’ve said random..

    Fletcher missing in the CL final was a big factor in allowing Barca to control the game they way they did. Man U looked weak in mid field.

    I think a man who knows how to win, as is the case with SAF, plays any player based on their nationality. Fletcher happens to be scottish. But he’s as good a holding mid as you’ll find. Though Mascherano might be better in defense, all around Fletch is better.

    Also agree about Benitez. Not only has he made poor tactical choices (constant squad rotation), but he also has a side that cannot cope without Torres or Gerrard out of the line up. And you have to point to the $$ he has squandered over the years on useless squad players. I think the figures show that he has spent quite comparatively to other top sides, yet has not yielded similar results.

    @ the podcast:
    I totally agree with the end. Blogs like EPL Talk are providing better analysis and insight than many of the mainstream sources. Blogs are less agenda driven, and you find more of a connection with readers and writers here. It’s a good thing.

    • Laurence says:

      Thanks Thomas,

      Always appreciate the feedback, in fact we are working on a debate podcast for all the readers and writters on here. Would you be interested to see people get involved. Interested?

      With the analysis of Benitez, I think he deserves a little more respect than he has been given on this page so far. But I do agree that he has dined out on his quality players from time to time. But then, haven’t all of the top 4? Ronaldo brilliance; Henry magic; Rooney’s grit; Giggs wonder; Torres hat-trick; Lampard pile-driver; Gerrard ‘fluke’. The point about these players is that they are in the squad to save your bacon when times are hard. So when is it tactical genius and when is it luck? I’d be interested to hear your opinion and I’ll look into it for next week’s podcast.

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