Questions Please For David Rutter, FIFA 10 Producer

There’s a huge amount of buzz around the release of FIFA 10 this year partly because many video-gamers believe that the FIFA series has now surpassed the Pro Evolution Soccer game in terms of gameplay and graphics. However, we won’t know that for sure until after the game is released in October.

This Wednesday, EPL Talk has an exclusive interview penciled in with David Rutter, who is the producer of FIFA 10 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Now here’s your chance to suggest questions to be asked. And if your questions are asked on-air to David Rutter, we’ll mention your name during the episode to be released on the EPL Talk Podcast.

Please post your questions between now and Wednesday Noon ET by clicking the comments link below.

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12 thoughts on “Questions Please For David Rutter, FIFA 10 Producer”

  1. Are there going to be any major changed to the way Ultimate Team works? Will the currency system remain the same? Same distribution of cards in packs? Same cards or more? Etc?

    Also, can you transfer anything from your ’09 UT to ’10?

  2. Why are all the changes in each year’s game so incremental? I know its football and there need not be mass sweeping change but surely the people at EA didn’t just come up with 360 degree dribbling? Or is it a money issue… they don’t want to let all the tricks out of the bag, just enough to buy the next installment.

    What are your thoughts on the PES series and the common notion that the overall game play is better?

  3. I like fifa 10 i think its a fantastic game but there are still things missing from the game:

    1: Why isn’t there a Uefa Champions league mode?

    2: Why can’t you lift trophies at the end of the season?

    3: Finally have you ever thought about introducing managers on the touchline?

  4. there should be an option to get a new stadium in manager mode and to become an international manager, also i hope they do a game add – on for the Fifa World Cup 2010.

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