Van Persie’s Confession

“Yes, I did. Sometimes when you are in the middle of an action and you get a little push and you know there’s nothing more to take. Then you are in the right to show in a way to the ref that you are pushed. That’s not really diving. It’s just showing … ‘Come on, he just pushed me, so I can’t score now.’

Oh Robin. Is this really the best time to be talking about you exaggerating your falls? Isn’t the vilification of Eduardo enough punishment for Arsenal fans to take?  Have you not learnt anything from him?

Is there anyway, under any circumstance, at anytime, where we could condone diving? Van Persie vindicates himself by saying that the foul was deserved since he was impeded and illegally denied a goal, but it isn’t really for him to decide whether the foul was deserved or not is it? Thats what referees are paid to do; judge if a foul really is a foul. He claims to be against diving, does he not practise it? Even if its just to show that it was a foul, if he had to ability to stay on his feet but went down anyway, does that not constitute diving?

Sure, we’ll give him credit for being honest. But sometimes, honesty isn’t the best policy. The media will hound him. The players and the fans will lose respect for him. The most dangerous thing about diving is that if it works the first time, you’ll be tempted to do it again. And again. And again. Van Persie has come out and admitted it before the public catches him, but does it means that when we do catch him, that statement and his honesty will fully justify his actions?

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    1. I j ust hope u r not a Man Utd fan. If u are, then cut it. Top 10 cheating teams of the Premier League:
      1. Man UTD
      2. Man UTD
      3. Man UTD
      4. Man UTD
      5. Man UTD…
      10. Man UTD

      Being called a Man UTD fan is a shame… If u see this Lady Alex, its a shame!

      1. No Man Utd are close, but not as bad (just barely)

        It depends on if you count surrounding and intimidating the referee as cheating. They’re the best at that.

  1. So today there were a bucketful of goals, a few sending-offs and some great games on offer today in the EPL and this is the “controversy” you decide to write about? Rediculous! RVP is just admitting to what practically every player on the planet does anyway! There is no story here.

  2. “The players and the fans will lose respect for him”?


    Mourinho said something similar, that players need to “help the referees make a decision.”

    From what I’ve seen, a referee will never call a penalty if the player doesn’t go to ground (and if players tried, they could almost always stay on their feet). I think Van Persie was making common sense commentary on the state of refereeing. He was saying something that (almost) everyone already knows, but it’s novel when someone speaks an unspoken truth, so I would think that Van Persie will have gained more respect for his comments.

    The English commentators who go on about it aren’t as stupid as they’re pretending. They’re muckraking. It’s part of the fun.

    The FA, on the other hand, really are that stupid. I could see them getting upset by the comments.

  3. For the record, i am an Arsenal fan myself. So anyone who thinks i’m biased, think again.

    Now, is it true that all players could stay on their feet if they really tried? Not at all. We’re talking about professionals here, not backyard, sunday league players. Their tackles aren’t the sissy ones you see in the high school football teams. They are real, they are hard, and they will bring you down.

    Having said that, if you had the option to stay up but chose to go down instead, and then came out and talked about it afterwards, would you not get a negative reaction from people? Even if it is saying something that everyone already knows.

    1. U’r right,

      All he said makes sense. Its true football would be better without this but wouldn t it be better if referees repected the added time limits or even send someone off when the intentionally hit the ball with their hand despite they are yellow card, but some Sir… seemingly scares the hell ouf of refs…

      I’m for making football a better game but lets concentrate on what’s more important first…

    2. I think it does mean your biased. Firstly you picked this irrelevant story because your an arsenal fan.
      Also, as an Arsenal supporter you are tired of all the cheating/diving claims and are angry that RVP gave critics more reasons to bash Arsenal.

      Everyone knows players dive and they do it because it works. Until ALL players are punished heavily and probably unfairly several times it will continue to go on.

      I agree with the comments about cunt Alex. That should be easier to stop with only a handful, if not just one offender!

      1. And i think you have been watching too much House.

        I picked this story because it happened. And i don’t really care about diving/cheating claims or the critics because Eduardo and Van Persie are as guilty as just about anyone else in the Premier League. Even if it were Torres, or anyone else for that matter who had come out with this statement, i would’ve written about it.

        I do agree, however, punishment has to be severe and probably unfair as well for players to learn their lesson. Still, they’ll probably stop for awhile and then resume because diving is as much a part of football as free kicks are.

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