11 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Be The First Premier League Manager To Get The Sack This Season?”

  1. If Pompey don’t get something from an admittedly tough home game against Everton, I will bet that the board will move quickly to bring someone else in.

  2. Personally, I think Paul Hart should remain as Portsmouth manager. It would be a travesty to sack him this early in the season. Despite poor results, Portsmouth haven’t been played as poorly as their points tally suggests. Hart is up against an insurmountable challenge after most of his best players left in the summer and the team was quickly cobbled together at the last minute with a lot of players that were considered expendable at other clubs.

    Do we honestly believe that a different manager can work miracles at Portsmouth and do better than Paul Hart can? I don’t think so.

    The Gaffer

    1. Not sure if I speak for the rest of my fellow voters when I say this, but my vote for Paul Hart as the most *likely* manager to be sacked first does not mean I think he’s the most *deserving* manager to be sacked.

      1. Well put Lennon,
        I also don’t agree that he deserves to be sacked.
        The question was who do you THINK will get sacked, not who do you WANT to get sacked….and Gaffer, regarding your comment that you don’t believe that anyone can do a better job with the limited resources….I agree with that too, but the problem is that the boards of teams that struggle this early are usually LIKELY to want to look at a new face/ideas in order to give the team a quick boost and some points on the board.
        So based on that, I would have a real fear that Hart will be gone by Monday if Pompey lose again…especially if 2 of the 3 teams above them (Hull Blackburn Bolton) can get any points on Saturday as Pompey will be 5-7 points behind them and will have played an extra game that could stretch that lead to 6-10 points…panic stations anyone????

    2. Totally agree Gaffer.

      I think Hart really should have resigned over the summer. Not because he was wimping out, but there was and continues to be no way to turn around the situation there. And he’ll suffer as a result.

  3. I don’t believe that Paul Hart deserves to be sacked or is the most likely to be sacked. Even though SAF has given him 3 of the dreaded “votes of confidence” in the last 2 weeks, I think that Hart has done an amazing job thusfar. Pompey’s been in every match, even the Arsenal drubbing when Utaka should’ve gotten a penalty off Gallas, and that’s only due to Hart’s competent managing. I know a lot of my fellow Portsmouth supporters have wanted Hart to play a 4-4-2 since week 1, but who should he have played upfront with Piqiuonne? Kanu, who had his 50th birthday last summer? Now that he’s finally gotten some decent players in, he can find a lineup that’ll work with the new faces, including Didane, who looks like a real find…I voted Phil Brown. At least Paul Hart has enough humility to not refer to himself in the third person, which is not something that can be said about Brown, with his “he’ll have to learn to play the Phil Brown way” comment. Phil Brown probably couldn’t have even convinced Ali Dia to sign for his club over the summer.

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