Did Barca or Inter Milan Get The Better Player?

The summer’s Blockbuster trade involved Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Samuel. Eto’o swapping clubs and Inter also received a boat load of cash. The first Champions League clash between the two clubs failed to give a decisive edge as to which team gained the most from this transaction. While Inter made a handsome profit, Barca was able to offload an unhappy camper and replaced him with a stocky and talented forward, albeit one who has often failed to deliver on the big occasion.
Cameroon’s Eto’o has delivered for Barca over the years and has in fact scored in both of the Catalan club’s Champions League Finals  (last season and three years ago). Eto’o has lightening pace and an impressive strike ratio. Ibra is a talented footballer and displays a stunning range of skills for a player his size, yet the temperamental Swedish forward often disappears on the big stage. His scoring record in the Champions League is mediocre while he finally topped the Serie A goal scoring charts last season, albeit on a loaded team far superior to other clubs in Italy’s top flight. Ibra helped Inter win a number of crucial games, yet interestingly none were against the elite clubs.
At this early stage of the season, both Ibra and Eto’o have already opened their scoring account for their respective clubs yet Eto’o has put in better overall performances for the Nerazzurri. Zlatan will definitely benefit from having Xavi, Iniesta, Henry and Messi on his side since all four are capable of providing the killer assist. Samuel will not enjoy the same generous service and  will not be part of a telepathic understanding since La Beneamata are more of a robust & physical squad compared to Barca’s extremely skilled lineup.

7 thoughts on “Did Barca or Inter Milan Get The Better Player?”

  1. Definitely Inter got the better deal. Personally I rate Eto’o higher than Ibrahimovic, especially in big gamesChampions League. Plus they got a ton of money.

  2. Ibra broke the record at Barca by scoring in all four of his first four games. He also has two assists including a great backheel assist to pique. I don’t know what is considered “better overall performance” but goals win matches. You play badly and score more than your opponent you still won the game.
    Barca got the better player by far. As strong and quick as eto’o. Superb finishing just like eto’o. BUT. The creativity he brings to the table sets him in another class all together from eto’o.

  3. Hello Luca,

    Well said, but the ‘real’ test will come once Barca start playing big matches. Will Zlatan show up or will he ‘float’ around when playing in the Champions League Quarter-Finals, Semis and Final as well as matches against Real Madrid? Ibra is more creative than Eto’o but the Cameroon player has scored on the big stage. Both players have been scoring freely for their respective clubs. The thing is Ibra’s goals came in matches which Barca won rather comfortably while Eto’o saved Inter on at least one occasion. It is still close to call at this stage of the season. Also, Barca’s by far the more creative team with Iniesta, Xavi, Messi and even Henry all creating chances for Zlatan. At Inter, the service to Eto’o is not at the same level.

  4. It’s really hard to argue which team got the better player. The current Inter set-up isn’t the same as last year while Barca’s pretty much is. Last years Inter really was Zlatan + 10 others (bar Maicon – because he is a beast). They didn’t have a two strikers that could score goals. Adriano for all his talent was elsewhere with his mind and Balotelli is still raw. At this stage of the season it’s too early to tell which party got the better deal. In theory Ibrahimovic was /is always capable of scoring a decent amount of goals – while with Inter he was lacking the proper service by his midfield. Let’s be blunt – even with the addition of Sneijder the Inter midfield hasn’t much improved creativity-wise. So I’m inclined to say that Inter made the better deal – a world class striker proven on the big stage with big game temper that has a workrate which is second to none (perhaps Wayne Rooney but he doesn’t find the net as often as Eto’o does) while the Blaugrana received a technically superior but lazy player. AND Barcelona is about the only team where a striker would be hard-pressed to not score at least some 20+ goals. Any half decent striker will score given the amount of chances Xavi & Co. create in 90min or less. Maybe it’s just me but it seems that Ibra is shell shocked at the amount of chances he is getting in a game. I guess he isn’t used to Xavi’s killer balls. He is 5 for 5 now – assuming he hasn’t really changed his game it proves two things. A) all that Ibra was lacking these years was quality service and B) Barca has the best attack in all of world football. But in Ibracadabras defense – he does give the Barcelona attack a new dimension. Since his arrival Barcelona have become more lethal in the air and from dead ball situations. Still as a die hard cule i would’ve preferred David Villa – he’d score 35+ easy and has an amazing workrate.

    1. face PSG, Now coached by Ex-Rossoneri Legend Ancelotti. Sadly, dear Carlo had to sfuefr a defeat as Pato and Ibrahimovic combined to Score the goal that won the cup for the

  5. Hello Jubei,

    Very fair analysis. I would like to add that Ibra is perhaps more known for his creative instincts as opposed to his finishing. He also struggled with Juve to score during the big games. One major thing is that Barca offers Ibra, and for that matter any decent striker, the opportunity to score plenty of goals since Messi and Iniesta also provide magical assists. Ibra has always been talented but questions have been raised about his temperament and his goal return in big matches.

  6. ho, i am barca fan and want barca to win the math.they desirve the victory because they have good players like messi, pedro and ibra.

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