Premier League Video Highlights Now On Hulu

Excellent news for US residents who follow the Premier League club: Hulu has added Premier League highlights to its array of online videos and movies it has available on the popular online broadband site.

The availability of goal highlights from the past weekend of matches is made available in conjunction with Fox Soccer Channel.

Each week, Hulu will present:

  • Highlights from all ten games available as separate videos,
  • A weekend round-up,
  • Saves of the week, and
  • Goals of the week.

Each clip is approximately 2-3 minutes except for the weekend round-up which is 4-5 minutes.

In addition to highlights of the Premier League, Hulu and Fox Soccer Channel has made video highlights of UEFA Champions League also available.

Each video is preempted by a commercial.

Thanks to reader timmyg for the tip.

9 thoughts on “Premier League Video Highlights Now On Hulu”

  1. This is awesome! I don’t get the women’s shampoo ad before the clip started, but maybe more ladies are watching EPL highlights than I thought.

  2. I can think of worse things to watch than a women’s shampoo ad.

    This is terrible news for my productivity at work on Mondays.

    Any word on Champions League or World Cup highlights packages? Since it’s coming from FSC, how about other leagues?

  3. This. is. Momentous. Thanks for sharing the news, I would never have guessed to check Hulu for highlights. Man, as it gets easier and easier to enjoy the Premier League in the U.S., I keep thinking of how much harder it gets for the MLS to make any inroads.

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