MLS Talk Podcast #113: Colin Jose


Colin Jose, the preeminent historian of the sport in North America joins us on the podcast. This show is a must listen for anyone interested in the evolution of the game in North America. Soccer history in the US/Canada did not begin in the late 1980s, and the sport is not a new one in this part of the world, as has been argued by some.

Among the topics discussed are:

  • The development of Canadian football/soccer through the early 1960s
  • When the term soccer replaced the term football to describe the sport in North America
  • The American Soccer League
  • The impact of foreign imports on the ASL
  • The rivalry between Bethlehem Steel and Fall River
  • The rivalry between Fall River and New Bedford
  • Who were the best American players of the ASL era
  • The 1930 US World Cup team’s success
  • Was the 1930 US Team really a “British” team?
  • The 1950 US World Cup victory over England
  • Did the 1950 World Cup team use foreign nationals in the victory over England?
  • The NASL’s impact on youth soccer
  • The Cosmos lore and how it lives today outside North America
  • The rivalry between the New York Cosmos and Tampa Bay Rowdies
  • Much, much more………………

Additionally, we get a report on the San Jose Earthquakes with player interviews and features from our correspondent, Robert Jonas.

4 thoughts on “MLS Talk Podcast #113: Colin Jose”

  1. Great stuff.

    Alfonso Negro … that means Giuseppe Rossi isn’t the first US-born Azzurra.

    The Brian Glanville book featured in your Audible ad doesn’t repeat the falsehood about the 1930 World Cup team (the US is barely mentioned at all, although he does point out that three of Argentina’s goals in the semi came in the last nine minutes). The 1950 section lists the backgrounds of McIlvenny, Maca, and Gaetjens.

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