Hungary v England, 1988: Video Flashback

The latest video flashback takes us back to 1988 when England was a terrible football team despite finding glory just two years later in the 1990 World Cup.

This video features Brian Clough and Brian Moore. Cloughie makes a flub in the beginning of the analysis but doesn’t seem to care, which is followed by commentary from the legendary Brian Moore and Trevor Francis in this match which ended 0-0. It was a friendly for England before their disastrous 1988 European Championship.

One more note. Keep an eye out for how much they tell the viewer about Hungary in their pre-match analysis. Just goes to show how far we’ve come nowadays with information more readily available thanks to the Internet and especially online soccer databases and YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Hungary v England, 1988: Video Flashback”

    1. Sorry, but you can’t take away Bobby Robson’s incredible run in this tournament for England and not say that he achieved glory. To me, glory isn’t always about coming in first place (England came in fourth, for the record) but achieve they did nevertheless.

      The Gaffer

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