What Electronics Do You Use To Experience Your Premier League?


Something suddenly dawned on me last night. With hundreds of thousands of football supporters visiting this site on a monthly basis, many of us support different clubs and despise our archenemies. But while there are lots of differences between us, there are a few things in common. We all love football — that goes without saying. But we all are reading these words either on a computer or mobile phone right now.

That thought led me to wonder what computer you own and also what TV set you watch your Premier League matches on, as well as what mobile phone you have.

Here’s what I use to experience the Premier League:

  • TV: Hitachi Ultravision rear projection HD television, 51″
  • Digital Video Recorder: Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD
  • Computer: Apple MacBook
  • Mobile: Apple iPhone 3G
  • Digital music player: Apple iPod Nano 4GB

For me, this is not only what I use to watch or listen to the Premier League, but it’s what I use to create and update EPL Talk.

The television set I own is the same one that was a large part of the EPL Talk Chat (old-timer EPL Talk readers will remember it). The picture quality is still pretty good, but the behemoth is on its last legs.

If you’re as curious as I am, click the comments link below and share what TVs, computers and gadgets you own to follow the Premier League.

23 thoughts on “What Electronics Do You Use To Experience Your Premier League?”

  1. DIRECTV – had at least 5 or 6 matches at my disposal yesterday, with 3-4 available in HD. Looking forward to more of the same today & throughout the season.

    40″ Sony Bravia LCD

    Too many iPhone apps to name.

  2. 2 old 19″ and 2 old 13″ analog sets (Apex and Panasonic)
    DirecTV SD DVR
    Dell Mini9 laptop, Mac Mini and Dell 531N desktop with BeyondTV
    Treo Pro and Treo 700wx phones (for podcasts)

    retired: PSP for podcasts, recordings
    iBook and Gateway 17″ laptop

  3. Toshiba 42″ LCD w/ rgb input. Dell Inspiron 518 desktop w/ 19″ I-INC LCD monitor. Setanta-i.

    I can either watch an ESPN/Fox TV match or watch a Setanta-i match through my TV. Frequently I watch one match on the TV and another on my computer at the same time. How sweet it is.

    btw, the Setanta-i feed is 1.8Mbps. Crystal clear. It is better than FSC’s TV feed!

  4. 45” Sony Plasma
    I also have a MacBook and a Mac Mini

    I don’t get FSC or Setanta, so I usually hook up the Mac Mini to my tv and watch streams. Not bad, but I’m only 15 and my parents don’t really get my “soccer thing”

    1. I gave up the 125 dollar Directv bill for rabbit ears, and streaming tv over my mac mini attached to my flat screen. I have have a macbook pro to watch the second game and refresh the scores up to date.

      I really don’t miss much.

  5. DirecTV DVR (now with that amazing FREE UEFA pack!)
    40″ Westinghouse LCD
    Apple MacBook Pro or Apple G5 (at home)
    Some piece of shit PC at work
    Firefox with Kicker (thanks EPL Talk!)
    Android G-1 with a couple of soccer apps – Liverpool FC News Reader, Soccer Live Score Update, ESPN RSS Reader, FOX Soccer RSS Reader

    1. Oh yeah with Setanta Sports…despite working for FOX Sports I can’t actually bring myself to subscribe to FSC. It’s just so laughably bad, but now that we own broadcasting rights for UEFA I might have to bite the bullet :(

  6. When I travel to UK, regularly, if I am at hotel or a friend’ s house who doesn’t have Sky, I break out my MacBookPro, log in to my slingbox and access my cable box in NYC!! Many times I have been in London, and watched Chelsea play and it wasn’t broadcast there. Slingbox also controls my dvr in case I cannot watch live.
    And now I have access to a friends Slingbox in the UK, so I can watch all the pre & post match festivities from NYC!!
    On Time Warner NYC, we have live Spanish, Italian, Dutch, English, and Italian league AND two channels for Champions League. And Brasilian and Columbian on GolTV! We are blessed in NYC.

  7. am i being shady if I just use my laptop? well, my defense is that watching malay or egyptian streams of premiership games is a legal gray area!!
    with no home tv, the other technology i use is my bicycle to get down to my local, the King’s Head in Santa Monica, to peep the games. no drinking and driving.

  8. Well, a laptop or two, my Sharp HD TV, but what has become my best friend is the i phone. I have a group of friends from the old chat days who still chat via skype, great fun for those people here that did not get a chance to join in.

    The i phone via it’s various apps lets me pull up Talksport on gameday and receive the run down of football action as it is taking place. Since you can run the i phone through the car radio having to run out on a Saturday morning does not mean your out of luck.

    Technology has brought the wonderful world of English football to us wherever we go. We are fortunate to have such tools.

  9. Hitachi 50″ Plasma (and now there’s a Panasonic 54″ Plasma at Costco for $1200 so that “might” change or at least be supplemented).

    Qwest is my internet provider but doesn’t have ESPN 360 so unless it involves JustinTV and my guilty conscience the laptop isn’t used.

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