ESPN: “Significant Growth” For MLS on Deportes


ESPN is reporting its package of MLS matches on Spanish language ESPN Deportes has experienced “significant growth” for 2009. The package which features a Spanish language telecast of the MLS primetime match shown on ESPN2 in English has seen a huge growth to about 45,000 household viewers and 69,000 total viewers, up approximately 70% from last year.

While ESPN’s English language MLS package is struggling, the Spanish lagnauge package is making major inroads into the viewing audience. Perhaps this is due to the fine efforts of MLS to reach out to the Latino/Hispanic community in the Southwest, Texas and Florida, as well as increased interest in some of the prominent stars the league showcases.

This is very good news for MLS and the growth of the game in this country.

8 thoughts on “ESPN: “Significant Growth” For MLS on Deportes”

  1. This is good news Kartik. After how many times MLS has tried to cater to the Latin American’s who are here to get them to watch MLS, all the hard work is finally paying off.

  2. Honestly, the only English language cast of MLS games that will end up being profitable will probably be a Canadian deal when Van & Montreal enter MLS.
    Maybe MLS should put more marketing into these networks and other Spanish outlets….imagine MLS getting the kind of numbers that CLub America vs Chivas gets IN THE US on Univision (6mil). Numbers like that or at least half are not out of the range of possibility if the ConcacafCL were marketed bit time.

  3. this is horrible news if it means ESPN will try to buy spanish-language content away from the broadcast networks. Univision/Telefutura are on basic cable in any major city, Deportes isn’t. I live in DC and have basic cable, I watch more american soccer on spanish television than I do on CSN/ESPN. God Bless Telefutura’s CCC CL schedule. (I Do not speak spanish)

  4. Great news. The bad thing is that some of the guys who spend their energy bad-mouthing the MLS in ESPN Deportes Radio are now shown (simulcast) on ESPN Deportes TV from 1:00 to 4.00 pm pacific time. These fanatics will not help in promoting ESPN programming at all. They give a negative spin to anything coming from the MLS no matter what.

    1. Same story as the MLS (but interestingly not the USMNT) has always had with Mexican commentators. Jorge Ramos is now at ESPN Deportes and he has had some experience with MLS, and he may change the way the league is covered there.

  5. Kartik,
    Jorge Ramos is one of the most destructive commentators in Spanish Radio. He has made some ridiculous comments about the MLS. Just a few comments because they rarely talk about the MLS on their Radio programs. You will never heard him say anything positive about our league. He has made disrespecful comments such as saying that London Donovan and Cuathemoc Blanco are wasting their careers in the mediocre MLS. During the games, he stops doing play by play in the middle of the game because according to him, the games are so boring that they do not deserve play by play. He has also said that the MLS expansion is a crazy idea (Toronto and Seattle proved him wrong of course) among other things. I know that the MLS like any other league has bad games and good games. According to Jorge Ramos, all MLS games are terrible, no matter who is playing.

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