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Should Adebayor Be Banned for Life?

Emmanuel Adebayor has committed the ultimate sin. Leaving a big four club for a side with ambition to join the elite clubs in England. For this, and his actions on the pitch in Saturday’s 4-2 City win at Eastlands, he must be banned for life from English football.  Arsenal fans deserve justice.

Never mind the chippy nature of the Arsenal players all day towards Adebayor. Never mind the taunting of the Arsenal fans. Never mind that some of the same Arsenal fans called out Tottenham supporters not long ago when Sol Campbell rightly took the money and left lowly Spurs for mighty Arsenal. After all, why would any player with ambition stay with Spurs when he could play for Arsenal?

Similarly, why should any player leave Arsenal to join a club outside the established elite in English football? Campbell did the right thing, and the Spurs fans were wrong to taunt him. But Adebayor did the wrong thing and Arsenal fans and players rightly took him task.

The FA must take swift action and ban Adebayor for life. Leaving an entitled club and joining one that hasn’t won a trophy in thirty three years is cause enough. Now Adebayor’s actions, this weekend means he should never see a football pitch again, at least in England. Perhaps Arsenal can appeal to UEFA and FIFA who like to slap around  non-entitled English clubs anyhow to have Adebayor banned for life from the sport.

For that matter, how dare one of the best supported club in England solicit and sell to wealthy owners who are determined to penetrate and disrupt the established order of English football? Like Chelsea, Manchester City must be punished for being a big club in a big city that attracted foreign investment.  Like Chelsea, who through no fault of their supporters became a hated club throughout Britain and Europe, City’s fans must now be taught the same lesson.

Obviously, my above comments and tinged with sarcasm. But the point is that some Arsenal fans are showing rampant hypocrisy in the last 36 hours with their rants on Adebayor. It’s okay for them if a player leaves a North London rival or some other “small” English club to join a side that is entitled to top four finishes every year. But if a player goes the other way, scorn, and envy tinged with anger is the result.

Never mind that City supporters like myself have faced countless relegation and promotion battles through the years and generally have a deeper attachment to our club than many of the international (ie. North American) contingent that choose to support Arsenal simply because they were winning and because they had Dennis Bergkamp, or perhaps dare I say, Sol Campbell. Today, I find myself constantly having to defend my support of City to fans that have never experienced relegation and would never support a side that could perhaps be relegated. To me that is just plain wrong.

The lesson is clear: either stay in your perceived place in English Football or face an incredible amount of anger from opposing fans.  Chelsea went through it, and now it is City’s time to suffer the same hatred from opposing fans.

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