The Most Expensive Transfer in Premier League History is…Carlos Tevez?

Paul Doyle of The Guardian once described Carlos Tevez as “the rich man’s Dirk Kuyt.” That man may be far more rich than we thought.

Carlos Tevez left Manchester United for Manchester City, in a deal that reportedly paid Tevez’ handlers £25.5m. According to a new report in The Times, Tevez’ fee may really be £47m, nearly twice the initial figure. If true, that would dwarf the previous British transfer record – City’s buy of Robinho for £34.2m – and be the fifth largest transfer in history.

According to the Times, Kia Joorabchian’s consortium received an initial £15m payment, with two £16m payments to follow, bringing the total to £47m. The Times also claims the consortium receive an additional £3.5m, if City win the Champions League with Tevez.

Tevez has fans and detractors. I’d lump myself in the fan category.

He never quite fit at Manchester United, but showed how ferocious he can be in flashes. He never received a consistent run in the team, particularly after Dimitar Berbatov arrived at the club. He also battled for position with Rooney and Ronaldo.

Given a focal role, as he had at the end of his season at West Ham, he could dominate. Whether he receives that chance at Manchester City, with a similar log jam up front is questionable.

Allowed to play, Tevez could be great, but £47m? That’s absurd. Is there a player in the Premier League who would command that fee? Is there a player a club would reject that fee for? Torres? Rooney? Fabregas?

If £47m was the sum under discussion for Tevez, it seems we have a clear reason Manchester United let him leave.

7 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Transfer in Premier League History is…Carlos Tevez?”

  1. It’s obvious thats why he left who would want to play for Manchester City if they didn’t have money.

    Ronaldo said it best when he said he’d never even consider the club and that was a man in demand by clubs with access to similar funds.

    If Barcelona or Real Madrid would have offered any of the players that signed up for Manchester City the same contract Manchester City wouldn’t have any players right now.

    Manchester City and Tevez’s legacy will be money.

    1. Your who wants to play for City comments may bite u on the ass come the end of the season.

      If madrid or Barca offered the same contracts as Utd for any of the players they have signed Utd would’nt have their players either you nugget! What a well thought out point that was!

      Ferguson said it right when he said he would’nt sell that mob (Madrid) a virus.

  2. Just so us Yanks can get a better feel for it, that’s $78,470,000. Let’s see, divided by minutes played or goals scored—–get me the tank!

  3. Where is The Times’s source from this story? It came form Utd and has already been laughed at by MSI and Kia Joorabchian so yet another bullshit City story.

  4. Rich Man’s Dirk Kuyt? The one who described him like this must be stupid or something. Tell me, can Dirk Kuyt win trophies with Boca Junior, captain Corinthians to Brasilian League Champion, inspire West Ham to fight one of the most difficult relegation battle in EPL history, or help Man Utd to win the Double in 2007/2008? Can Dirk Kuyt earn himself 3 times in a row South American Footballer of the year for 2 different clubs in Boca Junior and Corinthians, or Brasilian League Best Player of the year? Dirk Kuyt is a good player, but for him to emulate Tevez is impossible. Not even Rooney can do that!

  5. Money does not buy success.
    Great draw for the Clarets today.
    A team that plays with passion NOT a load of primdonnas like £47 million Tevez!!!

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