Match Notes: Stoke 1:2 Chelsea

Delap: Stoke City's Wild Card
Delap: Stoke City's Wild Card

Stoke City vs Chelsea FC at the Britannia Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent, 3pm local time. Conditions: pitch good, weather fine.


Chelsea: Cech, A Cole, Terry, Ivanovic, Bosingwa, Ballack, Malouda, Kalou, Mikel, Lampard, Drogba

Stoke City: Sorenson (Simonsen), Faye, Collins, Huth, Higginbotham, Delap, Shawcross, Etherington, Whelan, Kitson (Tuncay), Beattie (Fuller)

1st Half

Stoke, playing five at the back, begin marking the ball closely.

12′ Beattie stretchered off (ankle); Ricardo Fuller on.

18′ Shawcross booked (studs high on A Cole).

Stoke are stalling Chelsea’s flowing potential rather effectively.

Stoke had no players away last week for the international break, giving them time to work specifically on the Chelsea match plan. Seems to be working.

Stoke defending the ball well with two & three players, Shawcross a real nuisance to Lampard in the middle.

32′ GOAL Stoke! Faye on a free header from a quite poor, floated cross from Wilkinson on the right flank, Faye unmarked, Cech in nomans land. Clever stuff — Pulis — running Faye up & into the box.

34′ A Cole gets behind the defense, good save Sorenson.

Stoke’s concentration still good.

36′ Sorenson down (hip); Simonsen on.

[Should be about 10 minutes added.]

Chelsea posting a man on Rory Delap’s throw-in is forcing him to float it high & ineffective as compared to the flat & direct trajectory which worries defenses.

8 minutes are added.

48′ GOAL Chelsea! Drogba takes a firm pass from Lampard, turning Faye on his hip and fires left footed from 15 yards across Simonsen’s left. Clever, well-weighted ball from Lampard.

2nd Half

Anelka on for Kalou.

Chelsea press, Stoke keeping up the pressure on the ball.

65′ Tuncay on for Kitson; Essien on for Ballack

Chelsea mix up the positioning; Lampard attacking, Anelka wide right side, Essien holding.

78′ Drogba set piece tests Simonsen low on his near post. Smart choice.

Mike Dean has been restrained today, though fouling has been negligible.

83′ Balletti on for Mikel.

Malouda seems to have been hiding for 85 minutes.

86′ Brilliant glancing headed through pass by Drogba at the top of the box. No one near.

5 minutes added.

96′ GOAL Chelsea! Malouda comes out from hiding: left foot through the hands of Simonsen. Coolly in the box from a Bosingwa throw-in from Essien to Anelka to Malouda. Chelsea’s desire is evident.

Stoke would have earned their point, today. But no.

Stoke City 1:2 Chelsea

10 thoughts on “Match Notes: Stoke 1:2 Chelsea”

  1. Well, I’m certainly glad to see Chelsea get the win, but I have to wonder how much easier things would be if they would play during regulation, instead of waiting for stoppage time to score…

    1. I dunno…I live on the West coast so I’m watching these games super early on a weekend. Malouda’s goal was better than a pot full of espresso.

      1. Well, I agree that it’s pretty exciting. Filling time at the end of the Liverpool-Burnley match, ESPN gave the Stoke-Chelsea score as 1-1 final, but then they corrected themselves and said the match was still in progress, but didn’t give the time. So, imagine my surprise when I looked up the score online a short while later and saw that Chelsea had won. Everyone in the house was wondering why I was yelling at my computer!

        That said, it would be less nerve-wracking if they could score at, say, the 30th and 60th minutes, and not leave me on the edge of my seat. But hell, I’ll still take it!

  2. 103 minutes to beat Stoke, both goals in extra time. Last season we rolled over to a 2-0 defeat at home to Chelsea who didn’t need to get out of 2nd gear. This time they had to work for it.

    First half they were completely ineffective, restricted to pot shots and only had the Drogba opportunity to get close and score, which they duly did. Second half Chelsea used their pace to run at us and we just couldn’t hold on.

    Chelsea will win the league but not many admirers. They’re a team with little class and respect for the opposition or referee but want all the protection in the world. If you think this is a bitter rant from a Stoke fan it’s not. God knows I can deal with Stoke getting beat, I’ve seen it for years and years. It’s the manner and attitude of the Chelsea players that disappoints so much. There’s no need for it and along with the Adebayor incident highlights the distance between fans and players. Follow the web link and you’ll get a taste of how the England Internationals that play for Chelsea are viewed by England supporters.

    As an aside it’s nice to see the progression that Stoke have made since last season, if we maintain this form somebody is going to be on the end of a surprise defeat or two. The atmosphere was immense again, didn’t hear boo from Chelsea until their second went in but Stoke were as load an raucous as ever.

    For those of you who do make the trip over for a spot of following your chosen club, be it Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd or Chelsea you could do much, much worse than schedule a home game at the Britannia Stadium, whoever’s playing, to experience a real English football atmosphere. There truly is no bias in that comment, I’ve travelled all over the country, done 60 of the 92 Football League grounds following and can say categorically that you can count on one hand the number of clubs that can generate an atmosphere like ours. As for the big four, there’s more atmosphere in space. If any of you are planning a trip please feel free to contact me for any advice or help I can give.

    In sport,


  3. Oliver,

    You obviously haven’t seen or heard me after getting beat by Port Vale in a Potteries derby, then you’d see a bitter rant.

    I can take the defeat, the goals were scored fairly and squarely. Drogba’s was fantastic. I repeat it is the manner in which the team conduct themselves that is galling. Not only when they play against Stoke but against pretty much any team and referee they come up against.

    If you take the time to check out the link you’ll see that people who should be supporting john Terry as England captain find this really difficult to do given how the man carries himself whilst playing for his club.

    Beyond that criticism and opinion I believe Chelsea will win the title comfortably, if they can come up with a system that allows them to rotate Drogba and Anelka into and out of the team, allowing them to weather the blow of the transfer embargo in January and missing Drogba at the ANC.

    And remember Oliver opinions are like arseholes, everybody has got one. It’s just that some stink more than others.

    1. So what did the Chelsea players do that exhibited this lack of class and respect?

      I ask this not to start a flame war, but in all seriousness: I didn’t get to see the match, and I’m new to the EPL, so I’d like to hear what you have to say. Coming to the sport after having grown up on the NFL, I find the diving, flopping, and general melodramatic histrionics I see on the pitch kind of off-putting. It’s the one thing about the sport that really bothers me — but I see everyone doing it. What is it that Chelsea does that others don’t that bothers you?

  4. “After diving on the floor in the first half, in an effort to get one of our players booked two physios ran on to the pitch to give him treatment. Now the rules state that when this happens, you are supposed to go off the pitch until the referee signals you back on. Not Captain John Courageous. He stayed on the pitch shouting and screaming everywhere until the referee ordered him off, at which point he gave the linesman an earful. They’re the rules, John, they apply to everyone, you’re not special.”

    “Its not even about the result. I did’nt expect anything before the game, expected the same during the game and we got nowt at the end of the game. At the final whistle I felt nothing but cheated. Completely and utterly cheated that 100k+ a week superstars resorted to fouling, diving, cheating, surrounding and intimidating the referee, conning, asking for yellow cards, playing for free kicks, whining at every opportunity and blatantly refereeing the game from start to finish – all to beat little old Stoke City.”

    “Prepare to have the last dregs of your faith in football killed off in a fortnight then when The Shit (Manchester United) roll in. No Captain Androgynous, but I suspect that their behavior won’t have improved. ”

    “Our so called so called “DIRTY TACTICS” are no comparison to their constant barrage of bullying the officials into getting decisions in their favor, and the imaginary waving of cards is in order to get fellow professionals sent off is despicable. As you would have expected, Chelsea got the vast majority of the decisions, but you never ONCE saw the Stoke players surround the ref when they made any fouls!!!”

    “what a load of crap!
    Chelsea disgusted me yesterday, and in particular Drogba who constantly got in the refs face over the card for blocking the throw & even after it was done with Drogba continued to pester the ref! i thought this Respect campaign was designed to stop this! Then our nations CAPTAIN! john terry, that pathetic dive and throw of arms in the air sickened me and he is quoted in the past week in papers saying ‘england players don’t dive’ – he had better not disgrace our country like that in South Africa! Expect more of the same behavior when Manchester United visit in 2 weeks!”

    All the above taken from The Oatcake admittedly, therefore can be considered one eyed but they are eye witness reports. As you can see the followers of teams outside the top four are more than used to it.

    “Such was their frustration that Chelsea skipper John Terry had to be held back by the assistant referee” The Sun

    “‘# Terry– 7/10 – Another committed and passionate performance from our Captain Fantastic. I especially enjoyed the return of the ref hounding after the Kalou incident and any number of Stoke challenges. A further sign that we are nearly back to our title winning best. Many hated it but I loved the fact that under Jose we would do anything to get the win and if that meant surrounding the ref then so be it.'” Chelsea Blog John Terry agrees to respect the ref.

    The diving and rolling around you tend to take as a given nowadays, particularly in the Premier League. At Stoke it’s not something that we subscribe to, our only practitioner is Ricardo Fuller who admittedly isn’t very convincing. If you follow the link to The Oatcake you’ll see that Stoke fans are frustrated and complain about his behaviour, so it’s not all one sided.


    What’s frustrating is the fact that Chelsea on paper should walk it against Stoke but have to resort to the tactics as described above. Even one of their own bloggers admits they were behaving in this manner and positively relishes it! Hence the difficulty we have in throwing our lot in with these same players in South Africa.

    I’m afraid it’s something we’ll experience again when we play Manchester United in a couple of weeks too. It was all too evident in our home game last season that they are above the law and I suspect nothing will have changed.

  5. ICK:

    Well, I hear what you’re saying, but I’m having a hard time getting too worked up about it.

    Being new to the sport, and, again, having grown up on the NFL, I would say: Get more damn officials on the field. Also, get officials that have some intestinal fortitude.

    I followed the USMNT in South Africa, looking good, and even looking pretty good in the CONCACAF tourney. Then, they had to make a trip to Mexico City.

    First let me say this: From what I can tell, Mexican soccer fans are the biggest pieces of filth on the planet. CONCACAF Gold Cup matches in the US saw Mexico fans hurling full beer bottles at opposing team’s players during corners, throw-ins, etc., along with a great deal of other low-life behavior. So, I’m a little biased toward Mexico.

    But the FIFA officials of the US/Mexico match were completely cowed by the fans and the constant screaming and bitching of the Mexico side. Every single call went Mexico’s way. Every damn one. The officials were obviously afraid of what would happen if they penalized the Mexican team for their fouls.

    And so, to me, it would appear that this is a part of the game. I think the game would be even better were it not, but it looks like diving, whining, intimidating, screaming, etc. are just par for the course.

    Understand that I’m not trying to justify this behavior, I’m just telling you how it looks to a neophyte fan. I think it would be great to get the officials out of the game as much as possible — by which I mean consistent officiating, at least across a particular league — and find ways to punish those who act like jerks. But, if acting like a jerk is getting you what you want, why would you stop? I know, I know, you might actually have a little class as an individual. Unfortunately, I’ve come to expect that top-flight athletes won’t have any class at all. This seems to be true in the world of “footie” as much as it is in the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

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