New Skills In FIFA 10 Revealed: Video

The hype for the October release of FIFA 10 is building, and it’s no wonder when you see video like this (see above) featuring some of the amazing new skills and graphics.

The video is beautifully created by 16-year-old Norwegian Marius Hjerpseth. In it, the whiz kid shows actual game footage and then shows video from FIFA 10 and includes instructions on how to make the new moves. Incredible stuff.

Plus, the above video is in HD. Enjoy.

13 thoughts on “New Skills In FIFA 10 Revealed: Video”

    1. I’m a fan of football video games, but I’m pretty bad at them unfortunately and don’t have the time to play online. I remember playing the original Football Manager in 1982 on a Commodore computer and have tinkered with most of the football video and computer games since then — 27 years in all.

      The Gaffer

  1. Hmmm. I’m in a quandary. My lad has both the Wii and X-box. I really like Fifa on Wii but online is crap. Now I hear they have gone all “cartoon” on the Wii version of FIFA10. Bollocks. I hate that….I want realism.

    I can’t imagine playing with a joy-stick controller again but I imagine the X-box online experience will be far better than the Wii (as well as the graphics). Anyone else thinking of making the transition? Am I being dumb giving up the Wii controls for realism?

  2. Unfortunately my pc is that crap that I have to watch the video like a slideshow. TERRIBLE. I reckon my processor is about as old as The Gaffer’s last proper run with a footy game.

    randomsausage? (i won’t ask)
    Yes, make the transition mate, well worth it. I love the Wii, but I use it for the family type games with the kids and such. For proper gaming, you have to use the BOX. Oh, and don’t forget, Project Natal should be on it’s way soon. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out. Apparantly it’s being alias’d as the “Wii-mote Killer”.

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