Ty Duffy and the Big Lead: US Soccer Series


Ty Duffy, a longtime contributor to our sister site, EPL Talk.com has penned a must read series on US Soccer as we enter the most critical phase of World Cup qualifying. The Big Lead’s motto is stubbornly, uncorrupted and unbeholden. This is a masterful series which shows how indepedent and free thinking our press can be, even if they not always are.

US Soccer: Endemic Delusions that Perpetuate Mediocrity

US Soccer: Feud with Jamie Trecker

US Soccer: Website or Propaganda

8 thoughts on “Ty Duffy and the Big Lead: US Soccer Series”

  1. The piece on Trecker provided a lot of context. I was always curious as to why Trecker seems to be inordinately negative in his assessment of the UMNT and Bob Bradley. Now I know.

  2. Wow…

    That was like a needed slap in the face for me. I agree with everything he said, as tough as it was for me to stomach (especially halfway through the latest article about this summer).

    But its for the best, if the team got no attention at all there would be no call for improvement, right?

    Still love our Yanks, though.

  3. While Ty occasionally makes an individual good point, he forgets that US Soccer’s mission is to promote soccer in the US. Calling it “propaganda” dumbs down the conversation.

    In a world (and country) where the media has been forced to offer a voice to the most outlandish, marginal opposition in the name of “balance,” it should be remembered that “balance” is your self-adopted role, not US Soccer’s, and that sniping at them for not providing it is disingenuous.

  4. Kartik, Am I missing something here? We all support an independent press and that includes not being joined at the hip to the USSF. What I read is not masterful in any sense to me. It is reporting with a point of view in my opinion. That is not a bad thing as long as it’s stated to the reader.

    Is not the USSF on their website suppposed to present the news in a light most favorable to US Soccer. I see nothing wrong with that. The Jamie Trecker story is not unkown to readers of this site and whats wrong with saying that this has been the most important and successful summer in the hsitory of the USSF, except if you have a negative point of view.

  5. Ty Duffy is a joke. We all are trying to tear down what US Soccer has built. Jerks like Trecker and now you Kartik, the leader of the euro-snobs and mexi-snob do nothing to help the cause.

  6. One point, Landon 13 apperances no goals-failure

    13 appearances? There are many top named players that go through worse and writers like Duffy would say that they are having a “bit of a tough stretch”. I am not a Donavan apologist but it always seems that there is always a double standard when it comes to Donovan compared to other players.

    Treker is a doom and gloomer and quite unbalanced in his comments. (see Mex podcast). He might be right sometimes but so is a broken clock and I find his commentary unoriginal to be so heralded by you Kartik. Its only problems and never solutions.

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