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Questions Please For Georgie Bingham

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ESPN presenter Georgie Bingham will be a future guest on the EPL Talk Podcast, and we’d like to hear your suggested questions. The best questions will be asked on-air to Georgie and if we use your question, your name will be mentioned on-air.

Georgie Bingham, born in London in 1977, is a news and sports journalist and English television presenter. She is currently working for ESPN in the USA.
Georgie was previously a presenter at Sky News, Sky Sports News and Anglia Television. She has also contributed to/worked for World Soccer Daily, Fox Football Friday on Foxsport USA, Talksport, ESPN STAR SPORTS, BBC, SGR fm, Dream Team and BBC Radio Suffolk.
Georgie is also a regular feature of “Andy Goldstein’s Sports Bar” on the radio station Talksport.
Georgie is a fan of Ipswich Town FC and supports London Irish RFC as well.

Georgie Bingham, born in London in 1977, is a news and sports journalist and English television presenter. She is currently working for ESPN in the USA. Georgie was previously a presenter at Sky News, Sky Sports News and Anglia Television. She has also contributed to/worked for World Soccer Daily, Fox Football Friday, Talksport, ESPN STAR SPORTS, BBC, SGR fm, Dream Team and BBC Radio Suffolk. Georgie is also a regular feature of “Andy Goldstein’s Sports Bar” on the radio station Talksport.

Georgie is a fan of Ipswich Town FC and supports London Irish RFC as well.

Georgie is perhaps best known for being the presenter of ESPN’s Premier League football coverage, as well as often appearing on the ESPN Soccernet videos.

Please post your suggested questions in the comments below.

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21 Responses to Questions Please For Georgie Bingham

  1. Sam Hiser says:

    Georgie- Holding aside for a moment the question for Ipswich Town of promotion, what two areas should Roy Keane focus the lads on to turn this bad start around?

  2. Daniel C. Rosu says:

    Considering all the negative feedback from the US football/soccer fan base in regards to the ESPN bottom update ticker, do you believe, we, the fans can persuade ESPN to refrain from showing the ticker during their soccer broadcasts?

    • randomsausage says:

      that’s like asking an addict to give up Crack Cocaine. The ticker serves an important purpose for ESPN, Daniel: to divert your attention from the inane ramblings of Jim Rome and Speccy Van Pelt.

  3. Kevin Fulbright says:

    Describe what it feels like being part of the high-definition broadcast that is delivering exhilarating Premier League action to the America mainstream now via the ESPN network.

  4. Robert George says:

    How does it feel being a female presenter in a male orientated world of soccer broadcasting? Being a fellow Brit in the US do you prefer England or here and what do you miss about home?

  5. CHP says:

    I’ve always been curious about the advertising revenue that is lost on soccer vs US sports that have regularly scheduled TV breaks. On a basic cable (i.e. non-subscription) channel such as ESPN, how is that shortfall made up? How is soccer made profitable?

    Thanks, really enjoying the HD broadcasts on ESPN.

  6. Fsquid says:


    First I’m glad to see you over in the states. I remember you being a guest host on World Soccer Daily a few years back and really enjoyed you on there.

    Do you do anything different in your approach from when you worked in a country where football is #1 to now working in a country where it is down the ladder a bit?

    Also, are you and your colleagues surprised by the ratings so far this year for the EPL?

    Screw London Irish, C’mon Bath!

  7. Jorts says:

    Phone number?

  8. NewtonHeath says:

    how’s the reception been for EPL on the channel from ESPN’s perspective? What do you think the plans are going forward for covering the league?


  9. randomsausage says:

    Has Tommy Smyth ever threatened to show you his Onion Bag?

  10. Matilda Hankinson says:

    How did you get started in sport journalism? I’m considering a career in it, do you have any advice for a woman in sport journalism, especially radio?

  11. Mike says:

    Do you have any input with the producers of the Saturday broadcasts regarding post match coverage? In particular, post match interviews. Or is this a time constraints issue?

  12. Jorge Curioso says:

    Hey, there, Georgie Girl.

    How does one disable that annoying auto-play video on the soccernet home page?

  13. dkptiger says:


    There used to be a “reality tv” show on ESPN called Dream Job, where the contestents were competitng for a spot as a Sportscenter Anchor. As part of the show, we could hear what was being shouted into their ear pieces during a live broadcast. It sounded like complete chaos, and I cant imagine how someone could talk with all that noise in their ear. Can you describe the choas behind the scenes of the Live Prem broadcasts, and compare that to your time Sky Sports? Which do you find more rewarding, and which is best for the viewer?

  14. Richard says:

    How come they don’t do close ups of you during the broadcast? They show that mug with you but every time it includes you they pan out. You look fit so I can’t see the reason for it.

  15. Eric says:


    Great job on both espnsoccernet and on the HD broadcasts. Who’s your all time favorite Ipswitch Town player?

  16. cftv says:

    Just a couple of questions for Georgie.

    I remember when you were on WSD you said you would make it a point to try and watch the World Series or keep up with it as best you could given the time difference from the UK to the States and now that you are living in the States have you started to take a liking to any other sports here in the States and what American Sports Teams/Stars have you taken to? Do you do a March Madness College Basketball sheet or the NFL/College Football office pool?

    Speaking of gambling what are your thoughts on how in futbol gambling is embraced with teams wearing gambling websites on their shirts and how there are ads plastered all over the place at the stadiums compared to here in the States where gambling and sports are looked at as THE CARDINAL SIN even before Performance Enhancers?

    Now that you have been in the States for a couple of years what do you think of the way we present sports here compared to the UK and Europe?

    Which play by play announcers or on air sports talents in your time here in the States have you taken a liking to because of the way present a game/sports story or because of their knowledge of the game? Do you get a rush of excitement when Brent Musburger opens a broadcast of an event by saying, “You are looking live……?”

    Who are some of your colleagues at ESPN that are futbol fans that come up to you in the cafeteria or around the office to talk the beautiful game or is it just you and Liam the producer of the Mike and Mike show that chat it up about what happened in the Prem on Mondays around the water cooler?

    Has there been any resistance from any of your co-workers/on air talent at ESPN about the amount of increased coverage futbol has got over the last 2 years or so and it possibly taking away from the core American Sports? How many letters/emails have you received from outraged Hunting/Fishing/Outdoor Sports fans have you received that their favorite programming has been bumped by futbol from England on Saturday Mornings?

    Do you think ESPN will ever start an all Futbol or International Sports Channel that is devoted to sports that take place outside the US here in the States? Do you think a 30 minute or 1 hour ESPN SportsCenter International would work on one of the ESPN channels that focuses on sports news and stories from around the world with futbol news/coverage being the anchor of the program?

    If you were to go back to the UK to work in broadcasting what would would you say is the most surprising thing you took from your experience here in the States about American Sports Fans and the American Sports Media?

    Thoughts on Bristol, CT?

  17. cftv says:

    One more for Georgie with ESPN America picking up the rights to the NFL in Europe where 100 games a season will be shown live what kind of imprint can the NFL make in the European Market? Is there niche audience of NFL/College Football fans in England and throughout the continent that are interested in our most popular sport by leaps and bounds in this country? How far reaching is NFL America in Europe and is it picked up by most cable systems and dish providers? Is the channel as niche as GOL TV or FSC are here or does ESPN America have a bigger profile in Europe? We only get Sky Sports Through The Night and there is an ancillary highlights and scores on Sundays in the last 15 minutes of the broadcast and the scores on the scroll at the bottom of the screen for the NFL. As a former Sky employee would it shock you if Sky no longer have the rights to the NFL will those scores and highlights disappear because Sky doesn’t have an financial interest in the sport? How much interest in the UK/Europe by sports fans are there in North American Sports Leagues?

    Is the UK and Europe more ready for an on-slaught of NFL Football or is the US more ready for World Futbol as a sport embraced in mass?

  18. Fraser says:


    Why is it that commentators cannot state the rules of Football properly during a match? The most often misquoted is “handball”. In actual fact it is “Intentional Handling” and today during the Bolton v Tottenham match one of the commentators even went so far as to disagree with the referee giving the foul by saying “I don’t think it was intentional”. Do commentators need to take courses on the very simple FIFA rules of Football?


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