What Are The Biggest Surprises Of The Premier League Season?


So far this Premier League season, what would you say have been the biggest surprises?

We’re only four matches in and there are plenty of talking points. I tend not to get too over-excited during the beginning of the season especially because there’s a long way to go. But for me the biggest surprises have been how well Manchester City have started the season. With a team of superstars, I didn’t expect them to gel so quickly. Again, the season is still early and they haven’t faced really tough competition yet. However, Mark Hughes is to be commended for an impressive start.

Two other surprises have been the impressive performances thus far by Wolverhampton Wanderers and Hull City. Both teams have been more explosive up front than I imagined. Plus, I’ve been surprised that both clubs have been able to amass four points in as many games.

In fact when you look at the bottom of the Premier League, the clubs that you would expect to have zero points by this stage of the season already have a few or more. And the two clubs who do have no points (Bolton and Portsmouth) will undoubtedly break their duck very shortly.

Of course, the above surprises aren’t the only ones in the Premiership so far this season, which is why I polled football fans on Twitter to get their opinions. Here are seven more surprises of the Premier League season:








If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow EPL Talk so you too can be featured in a future post. In the meantime, feel free to post your replies below of what surprises we missed. For example, are any of you surprised that Chelsea have done so well in the first four weeks of the 2009/2010 Premier League season?

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