What’s Going on With Everton????


There have been a few surprises after the first couple weeks in the English Premier League 2009-2010 season, such as Tottenham with 12 points after four games, and Manchester United’s loss to the newly promoted Burnley.   Another one you can add to the list is Everton’s start to the season.

Everton finished last year in 5th place with 63 points, and qualified for the Europa League.  This year they are in 16th place with only three points (vs. Wigan Athletic this past Saturday) after three games, including a 6-1 embarrassment against Arsenal first game of the season, plus a 1-0 loss to Burnley.

Could the departure of Joleon Lescott to Manchester City have anything to do with it?  During his time at Everton in Premier League play from 2006-2007 through 2008-2009, he played in at least 35 games each season.  The past two years, he attempted more then 25 shots each year, and combined for 12 goals.

Just to put things in perspective with last year, Everton stared with only 3 points, after beating West Bromwich (lost to Blackburn and Portsmouth), so this team has been in this position before.

The logical question here is if they will come back to the top six.  The potential is there, in light of the increased competition at the top after the summer transfer season.  Three points is a lot, and can change a lot (ask Manchester United last year).   Most teams have played four games, while Everton has only played in three.  They have a make-up game against Manchester City, who has proven they are not easy task so far.  The toughest opponent they will face the next month in league play is Fulham.  Never say never as anything is possible in the English Premier League!

7 thoughts on “What’s Going on With Everton????”

  1. It’s ridiculous to write an article like this when a team’s only played 3 games. Not many teams will beat Arsenal this year, and Man Utd have also lost to Burnley. We’ve won our only other game, so I don’t really think there’s anything going on with Everton. Perhaps Lescott was a distraction, but even so. We’re 3 games in ffs.

  2. Terrible article. Everton have had almost exactly the same start as they did last season – except this year, they have done 1 better and qualified for the group stages in Europe. Why not write an article about how Aston Villa are doing – they failed to qualify in Europe and were beaten at home by Wigan.
    Is this woman actually getting paid to write this rubbish?

  3. Any team from any division could’ve hammered us on the opening day, Arsenal weren’t particularly good, it was just that we were SO bad – our players heads weren’t right with all that was going on off the pitch & we were there for the taking.

    It’s just been a bad start for several reasons, mainly ‘off the pitch’ reasons, but hopefully now the ship has steadied itself. The famous Everton fighting spirit is back!

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