Major League Soccer Talk #109: Ben Rycroft and Brian Quarstad


Ben Rycroft of the Metro News joins us to discuss TFC, and other matters related to Canadian Soccer including Julian DeGuzman’s current predicament without a club side.

We also speak to Brian Quarstad about the sale of USL to NuRock and the breakdown in the relationship with the USL-1 owners association which we have reported extensively on all week.

3 thoughts on “Major League Soccer Talk #109: Ben Rycroft and Brian Quarstad”

  1. OMG, boring. Hey what’s going on with soccer these says? USA v. El Salvador in Utah? Costa Rica – Mexico? Honduran defender Osman Chavez to Spurs.. thwarted by the corrupt hicks who own his contract? Anything about MLS? Galaxy? The Beckham call up? Naw, lets do an hour on some bush league machinations concerning a minor league that seven people in the world have ever heard of.

  2. I enjoy the USL discussion but this pod was a waste because you did not say anything that wasn’t in the articles. USL is critical for the development of American players and in some ways it’s fate is larger than any on the field goings on in MLS.

    But rather than bring us new information, this show as an audio summary of what we already read. To me that’s a waste of an hour.

    Oh and what is with all the TFC/Canada content lately on the show? Why spend 8-10 min talking TFC, when your American audience could care less?

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