Jornada 1 – Media Schedule

imgadThe start of La Liga is upon us…

As we all know, this year’s La Liga coverage is enhanced 10x with GolTV still bringing us their quality coverage along side newcomers ESPN, who will have one game a week on ESPN or ESPN2 as well as numerous other matches on ESPN Deportes.

The week’s matches on TV (all times in EST)

Saturday August 29th

2:00pm – Real Madrid v Deportivo La Coruña — GolTV

Sunday August 30th

11:00am – Athletic Bilbao v Español — ESPN Deportes

1:00pm – Valencia v Sevilla — ESPN Deportes

3:00pm – Almeria v Valladolid — GolTV

Monday August 31st

4:00pm – Barcelona v Sporting Gijon – ESPN

If you are looking to catch the matches on Radio, most of the clubs have their own radio stations and simulcast games streaming online.  Also, you can turn to the old standby, Carrusel Deportivo on CadenaSer.

I’ll be turning into most of the games this weekend, which ones will you be watching?

15 thoughts on “Jornada 1 – Media Schedule”

    1. @Josh

      Yes you are right. However I’ve also heard that they are planning on doing more matches based on the amount of support they get. I haven’t heard that ratified yet, but we’ll see what happens.

  1. I’m dying because I feel like I’m going to miss out on a lot of games I would have otherwise seen on Gol TV since I don’t get ESPN Deportes. I was going to switch to the Spanish language package on Directv to get it, until I realized it would mean losing ESPN2, which is not an option. ESPN360 is a nice option, but I watch most matches after the fact on my DVR, so I’m going into depression here at the thought of all the lost matches. =( Any suggestions??

    1. @Emilee
      This is what I found looking on the internet.

      ”This appears to be a cost-cutting move by DirecTV to take ESPN2, GSN, Current, etc. out of the DirecTV Mas (hybrid Spanish/English) base packages.

      If you want both ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes, you will now need to subscribe to an English-language base package (most people choose Choice or Choice Xtra) and add the “En Espanol” pack for another $20 a month.”

      So hopefully this helps!

  2. Can not wait to see Barcelona againg in HD. The true game of the week is Valencia vs Sevilla, but it will be on ESPN Deportes. I hope Goltv start telecasting in HD next year.

    1. @jose

      Barcelona in HD will be amazing. Can’t wait to DVR that and watch it Monday night when I get out of work.

      Valencia v Sevilla IS the game of the week. I’m a Sevillista hasta la muerte, having lived 30 seconds from the stadium in Spain. Sevilla need to come out quick this year as we normally start off okay, but then lose most of our matches to teams ranked 12th or lower in the table.

  3. DirecTV, Inc. has swapped selected UEFA Europa League matches (Group Stage, Round of 32, and Round of 16) to GolTV, Inc. for La Liga matches that GolTV and ESPN, Inc. does NOT want.

    For week 1, DirecTV will offer:

    Saturday 3:55pm ET – Zaragoza vs Tenerife – DirecTV Ch. 456

    Sunday 10:55am ET – Osasuna vs Villarreal – DirecTV Ch. 457

  4. DirecTV will also have:

    Sunday at 10:55am ET – Mallorca vs Xerez – DirecTV Channel 456

    I don’t expect DirecTV to put out a press release regarding the UEFA Europa League until the quarterfinals.

    GolTV will announce the UEFA Europa League matches in September.

    Also note that Setanta Premium will sublicense UEFA Europa League matches from DirecTV, Inc. involving Celtic and Benfica. There is a possibility that Setanta Premium will sublicense additional matches (i.e. Sporting and Panathinaikos.)

    1. Doubtful.

      DISH dumped GolTV a year ago.

      DirecTV is the platform of choice if you want access to live EXCLUSIVE La Liga, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Europa League matches that are not available on DISH Network or cable.

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