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Who is the key player for Madrid?

real madrid players 300x199 Who is the key player for Madrid?

Real Madrid have scoured Europe for the top talent and signed a good chunk of it all in one summer but who will be the most influential and kety signing that Madrid have signed this summer? There are a lot to choose from with Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and Xabi Alonso to name a few all pulling on a Real Madrid shirt this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo was made the most expensive player when he signed for Real Madrid from Manchester United and because of this comes with huge expectation. The attacker hasn’t hit top form in pre-season but that is to be expected as it will take a while for all the players to gel together.

Kaka has been one of the best and most consistent players in Europe for a long time now and I am sure he will continue to be a star player at Madrid. It will be interesting to see such a wealth of talent all playing together in one team but whether they can all play together is the real question.

For me the most important player that Real Madrid have signed this summer is Xabi Alonso. Alonso was the driving force behind Liverpool last season and made the whole team tick. Madrid were missing someone like this in their team and without a controlling creative player like Alonso in the middle to get the ball to the right players then all the talent they signed could have been ineffective.

Written by Danny Watson, a sports writer who blogs about football news.

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One Response to Who is the key player for Madrid?

  1. dokieh says:

    I agree with you, Alonso will be very important for Real Madrid this season. Though, I think the key player will be Kaka. If he reaches -again- his great level he will be the leader of this new ‘galácticos’ squad.

    By the way, I think your blog is nice. I’ve just started a blog in English about La Liga. Would you like to exchange links? If so, please let me know in my blog.

    Good luck.

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