MLS Talk Podcast #108: Peter Vermes

vermes bio 0308 300x185 MLS Talk Podcast #108: Peter Vermes

Peter Vermes, Technical Director and Head Coach of the Kansas City Wizards talks with Kartik Krishnaiyer about the following subjects:

-  The 1990 World Cup, where Vermes was among the top US players
-  Playing in Europe and how it has shaped his experiences in the sport every since.
-  How Kansas City signed Claudio Lopez despite having to navigate the minefield that is South American superstar player contracts.
-  What exactly is a Technical Director?
-  Bob Gansler’s coaching style and tactics. Hear Vermes’ explanation as to why Gansler’s 3-5-2 was so effective and flexible.
- Why Bob Gansler was so successful
- Tony Meola’s remarkable 2000 MLS season
- Miklos Molnar’s contributions to Kasnas City’s MLS Cup triumph
- The impact the NY Cosmos had on him as a soccer player, growing up

Peter Vermes is one of the pioneers in contemporary American soccer. It was an honor for MLS Talk of having the privilege to discuss these issues with him. This is must listen for any American Soccer fan.

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3 Responses to MLS Talk Podcast #108: Peter Vermes

  1. Drew says:

    Great interview with PV. He’s one of the best minds in MLS.

  2. Tim says:

    Wow haven’t read it yet, but kartik you really bring in some great guests. Keep up the good work.

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