EPL Talk Podcast: Questions Please For Mel Charles


This Friday, Kartik Krishnaiyer, host of the EPL Talk Podcast, will be interviewing a legend in football, Mel Charles.

His name may be unfamiliar to many of you Stateside, so here’s some background on the Welsh legend. Mel Charles (pictured above in a 1958 World Cup match when he blocked Pele from reaching the ball) is best known as the brother of Leeds and Juventus legend John Charles.

Mel was a legend too. He made 60 appearances for Arsenal, scoring 28 goals between 1959 and 1962. Unfortunately at Arsenal, injuries plagued his time there. So with club football, the club he’s best known for playing at was Swansea Town where he made 233 appearances between 1952-1959. After Arsenal, Charles went on to play at Cardiff and Port Vale, among other clubs.

In his international career, Charles played for Wales in the 1958 World Cup — the only World Cup that Wales has ever qualified for. Impressively the Welsh made it through to the quarter-finals before losing to Brazil thanks to a goal by Pele. Altogether, Charles made 31 appearances for Wales and scored six goals.

In addition to being the brother of John Charles, Mel comes from a fascinating football family. One of his relatives is Toby Charles, the host of Soccer Made In Germany. Also, Mel’s son Jeremy was a legend at Swansea City where he helped John Toshack take the Swans from the old Fourth Division to the old First Division. Jeremy Charles went on to also play at Oxford United and Queens Park Rangers.

For those of you not familiar with the EPL Talk Podcast, we often ask for readers and listeners to post suggested questions for our guests so we can ask them on-air. All you have to do is click the comments link below and post your question before 11pm ET on Thursday night, August 27. Thanks in advance for your intelligent questions.

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