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Stabbing And Major Crowd Trouble Delay Play At Upton Park

In the build up to, and during, the West Ham/Millwall match violence took hold in and around Upton Park.

One man was stabbed in the chest, and a BBC reporter has heard that a second stabbing has occured. Another fan said that his father had to receive medical attention after having a dart thrown at his head. There have been five confirmed arrests so far.

The Metropolitan police say that the hooliganism is likely to have been organised beforehand.

These events have been responsible for interruptions to the play; riled fans invaded the pitch a number of times resulting in the players being taken off.

This is all after West Ham player, Calum Davenport, was stabbed earlier in the week whilst staying with his mother.

Update: Fans are being told to stay in ground whilst fighting continues outside

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24 Responses to Stabbing And Major Crowd Trouble Delay Play At Upton Park

  1. Thank the FA for drawing Milwall and West Ham against each other. This was bound to happen.

    • Gaz says:

      The FA can’t base decisions on rivalries. If you take your logic out, the list of possible match ups that a team couldn’t play could be as long as the list of match ups they could play.

      What needs to be addressed is the crowd control (of lack of) and continuous existence of violence in football.

  2. Good one. C’mon West Ham!

  3. BILL says:


  4. Matthew says:

    Liam Davenport?


  5. Dan says:

    His Name is Calum Davenport.

  6. Christopher says:

    You can bet money that every douchebag in the American sports world that hates this sport will be playing that video around the clock. Jim Rome’s wet dream this is…

  7. dlink09 says:

    if i can remember correctly millwall vs hull game last season had some issues

  8. millwall and anybody has issues.

    WSD down the tubes and no comment? Strange.

    • dlink09 says:

      millwall fans did some damage to hull stadium.. not everyone does it all the time do they.. WSD you will not hear anything from this site.. :)

  9. Patrick says:

    I’m a West Ham fan and frankly I’m embarrassed, embarrassed at the fans running on the pitch, embarrassed at lower ourselves to their level. At some point you just have to forget Millwall, they are just not worth it.

    We are a team with ambitions of Europe, they are a team with ambitions of ripping up the home team pub.

    But you’ve got a bunch of yobs who live for this sort of thing, they aren’t football fans but wanna be thugs.

    West Ham will probably be kicked out of the Beer Cup now and I’m not bothered about that, but when stewards say they where outnumbered and that bricks and bottles where brought in by the Millwall support, you have to wonder why they didn’t get checked at the gate.

    I’m sure the Metro police will have a long study over tonight’s match and be looking at every CCTV camera and there will be a lot of banning orders issued

    it was a disgrace.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      Agree the Police and Stadium Security people have alot to answer for– It’s well known there’s a history of trouble when these clubs meet, so how the hell were people allowed to bring in knives/bricks/bottles?

  10. Kautzie says:

    I bet ya Frodo Baggins was right up in that shit.

    • Patrick says:

      That’s not really funny… Its because violence has been glamourized by these movies, idiots feel like they are part of something.

      And what awful films they have been, The first with an Aussie as a leader and the second filmed in Arizona prison. and that’s where these fools belong. PRISON.

  11. Jay says:

    Wow! I didn’t think it got that crazy and that was just inside the ground…

  12. MarkB says:

    Apparently not the only crazy game today. Swansea were down to six men and in danger of forfeiting against Scunthorpe. They had to send an injured player back on to just stand around and make their squad legal for the match to be completed.

  13. Lyle says:

    Pathetic. What the hell is wrong some English people? Stabbings and what not. And to think Jack Collison had to deal with this crap as well, by his own fans. Horrible. Mood should have been somber and respectful throughout.

  14. Ian says:

    Well I live near to the ground and it was scary last night, worst hooliganism in this country I can remember for a few years. From the sky sports footage it seems that West Ham fans kicked alot of it off, and hopefully the guilty will be punished.

  15. Anthony says:

    Apparently the authorities dont’ check the message boards. Having seen GSH I was curious after the draw was made what the feedback was on both the Irons and Millwall boards. Pretty much everythng that was said was played out at the Boelyn Ground last night. Disgrace.

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