Poll: Which Football Leagues Interest You?

EPL Talk and MLS Talk are polling readers to help decide whether we should expand our blog network to include coverage of other leagues. Please take 10 seconds to complete the poll below and let us know if we added any sites to our network, which sites would you visit on a frequent basis (once a week or more). If the answer is none, feel free to skip the poll.

We look forward to reading your results.

And note, you can vote for more than one league (if you wish).

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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15 thoughts on “Poll: Which Football Leagues Interest You?”

  1. For me it’s more about Americans abroad than anything else, so certainly yes for France and Mexico. Where MLS Talk really shines is fitting reporting about yanks abroad into the specific context of the USA national team, and where players might fit.

    I didn’t have a clue who who Charlie Davies was, for example, and the reporting here brought him to my attention. I had little interest in the Mexican league until USA players started playing there, now I’m interested.

  2. Honestly, you’ve got to do some serious digging to find informatio on some of those leagues. Since the matches arent routinely on US television (or in English) do you need to cover them?

    I agree with the news and notes about yanks abroad. Jozy had a super game and I’d like to keep tabs on the rest of our US brothers making a difference internationally.

  3. Scottish Premier League (and please, coverage on teams other than Hearts, Rangers and Celtic), Mexican and French leagues, please.

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