Poll: Which Football Leagues Are You Interested In?

EPL Talk and MLS Talk are polling readers to help decide whether we should expand our blog network to include coverage of other leagues. Please take 10 seconds to complete the poll below and let us know if we added any sites to our network, which sites would you visit on a frequent basis (once a week or more). If the answer is none, feel free to skip the poll.

We look forward to reading your results.

And note, you can vote for more than one league (if you wish).

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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15 thoughts on “Poll: Which Football Leagues Are You Interested In?”

      1. Quite frankly I’m shocked about the apparent lack of interest in the Russian Premier League. In fact, with the exception of Ligue Un, the RPL trumps all these leagues and is ranked 6th in Europe. Also, they’ve been rising fast. They have 3 UCL spots, like France, including 2 automatically in the group stage. Zenit beat Man U last year in the Super UEFA Cup. The Russian National team is one of the best in the world and they are very aesthetically pleasing to watch. Also, considering the lack of English language coverage, I would think it would be on the radar of more

  1. Agreed. I think that is the biggest problem. If you want to buy a publication in the US, chances are that you are only reading about the EPL, La Liga and maybe, Serie A (more so 10 years ago than now).

    The Ligue 1 went through a boring point with Lyon taking 7 titles in a row. But since last year, it is a different story.

    Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux might be considered a “top 3”, but rarely are the top three or four the same, unlike the EPL. It is just less predictable than English soccer.

  2. I don’t think I would care much about any of the ones listed. I like to watch a Celtic-Ranger game but the league as a whole does not do much for me.

    Like somebody said above, the Championship is an exciting league. Other than that I would say that a Champions League/Europe League blog would interest me.

  3. I’ve got to agree with Chris Riordan — the Russian Premier League is quite interesting. I watch two or three matches a week on Setanta, and find the style of game much more entertaining than many of the minnows of the EPL.

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